Evidence-based Movement Exclusionary - Paper states

The healthcare discipline and evidence-based discourse has been producing numerous specialized journals and best practice guidelines in the recent years, with health science scholars eagerly jumping on the bandwagon, mimicking this trend with their contributions to this discourse.

This paper ( Deconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascism Dave Holmes RN PhD,1 Stuart J Murray PhD,2 Amélie Perron RN PhD(cand)1 and Geneviève Rail PhD1 1Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Nursing),aims to demonstrate that the evidence-based movement in the health sciences is outrageously exclusionary and dangerously normative with regards to scientific knowledge.

The authors assert that the evidence-based movement in health sciences constitutes a good example of microfascism at play in the contemporary scientific arena – where health sciences are colonized by an all-encompassing scientific research paradigm and excludes alternative forms of knowledge, therefore acting as a fascist structure.

EBHS (evidence-based health sciences), originally derived by the Cochrane Collaboration, reflects clinical practice based on scientific inquiry.

Originally meant to serve as a resource facilitating clinicians’ access to valid research, EBHS has inadvertibly created a hierarchy that has been endorsed by many academic institutions, serving to (re)produce the exclusion of certain forms of research. This single scientific paradigm hegemony has resulted in a privileged ‘regime of truth’ as well as ladder of success that scientists must align themselves to for industry recognition.

Lead author Associate Professor Dave Holmes, from the School of Nursing at the University of Ottawa, said, “Scholars have not only a scientific duty, but also an ethical obligation to deconstruct these regimes of power.”

Melbourne, Australia, — 9 August, 2006

This study is published in International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare (2006; 4:180-186).

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