Evil Genius in the Garden of Eden

This book is written by Dr. Vic Shayne with a foreword by Ed Begley, Jr (Hollywood actor/environmentalist).

From their flyer:

"This book supplies the facts you need to know to take a proactive role over your health with an understanding of who is behind this deadly game that is destroying our resources and our children's futures."

Evil Genius in the Garden of Eden tells about the corporations that "defame the organic foods industry and health enthusiasts". The book talks about what corporations are doing at universities and research centers, what deadly chemicals are in our food, cosmetics, etc. It also has information about fluoride in our water supply.

Here is a comment from the author:

"My goal in writing this work was not only to reveal the evil doings of large corporations who contribute to world wide pollution, disease and media misinformation/censorship, but also offer readers well-informed sources and sustainable business news."

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