Essiac Tea

Almost everyone with cancer hears about this tea sooner or later. Listed below are links that will give you much more information about it.

The tea is composed of herbs some of which have separately been shown to be active against cancer. We are not aware of any completed studies of the total mixture. A study was begun under the auspices of the National Center for Complementary/Alternative Medicine which hopefully will yield some useful information

This tea has been around a long time. In Canada where it began, it is allowed as an emergency, last-ditch treatment (by HealthCanada).

Ingredients are: Slippery Elm, Burdock Root, Sheep's Sorrel, Indian (or Turkish) Rhubarb.

Many different herbal companies offer this mixture. Several have added other herbs to this basic brew.

It is generally taken on an empty stomach.

Ann's NOTE: I took this for some months after I had surgery for breast cancer. I did not notice any benefit at that time. However, I was not very aware of my body and may not have been able to tell if I was helped in any way. The Project would love to hear from anyone who feels this tea worked for them in some way.

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Essiac Tea

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Breast Cancer Res & Treat, 2004

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Revised by them February 2000

How Essiac Tea May Affect Tumor Development

Presented at the California Breast Cancer Research Symposium, September 2005

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