Energy  and Touch Healing

A woman called Ann to talk about the success of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a hands-on healthy touch system from Japan. She felt that her lumps were definitely reduced from a crash course of treatment. She was pre-surgery. This could be something if the method worked instead of chemo to reduce large tumors prior to surgery, or of course, if it reduced cancer itself! We should follow this story.

UPDATE: She ended up with a mastectomy but went through it very well and has been healthy 3 years later.

Honey Jane R and Judy W spoke about their Therapeutic Touch work. Honey Jane uses hypnotherapy and works with people with life-challenging illnesses. Judy told us about the meditation she does to prepare herself for self-healing. She uses a chakra meditation based on sound and color. Red is the color for the root(groin area), orange is the belly, yellow is the solar plexus, green is the heart, turquoise is the neck, indigo is the head and violet or pearly white is the crown. The energy is moved from the bottom up by placing one hand on the bottom chakra, and one on the next. Then when you feel the energy rise, you move your hands up one notch each. She suggested putting both hands over the breasts, ovaries or affected areas and thinking about removing what needs to come out. Pull it out, give it up and brush it away! She then puts in the laser light of love. Also she imagines a golden pink bandage over affected areas and the colon and liver. Then brush down from head to feet(for grounding). Judy ends by putting a 'golden egg' around herself. She also acknowledges the ability of a person to heal herself. Honey's meditation, by the way, is the Lord's prayer.

Judy and Honey Jane then used Ann as the subject of a demonstration of Therapeutic Touch. They center themselves, take their shoes off, synergize their energy and then do an assessement from both sides. They look for areas of heat or cold. They exchanged places from front to back and worked 3-4" from the subject. After the assessement, they went back to the areas that needed special help. Ann was told to visualize green or blue at times. Both women worked on the head and neck area first. From time to time, they released any negative energy that built up. They worked their way down the body pulling energy down into the ground. Then they created a 'golden egg' around Ann. Speaking subjectively, I felt the kind of 'bubble' that Glenda, the Good Witch of the North floats around in, in the Wizard of Oz. I saw it and felt it at the end.

The healers then discussed what they had found. They said they felt less energy on the left side(affected side), They felt balance was needed in that shoulder. They found static around the head. Sometimes it can take a few days for the full results but the areas were corrected. Energy is now balanced.

Healing Touch Buddies

LINK: "Healing Touch Buddies, Inc. is a local non-profit health & education organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life of those challenged with breast cancer; providing patients with Healing Touch & volunteer practitioners with instruction & support. Our additional intention is to gather data on the impact of HT on specific symptoms associated with breast cancer and its treatment.

Based in Palm Beach County, FL/South Florida

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