Dr. Ursula Jacob -  summary of talk

Our main speaker for the evening was Dr. Ursula Jacob of Germany. Meeting held, 2008

UPDATE 6/2010 Dr. Jacob has a Klinik located www.ursula-jacob.de

klinik@ursula-jacob.de 49 07443 964240

Psoralen is an ancient Egyptian substance found by the Nile River. It has the same effects of St. Johnís Wort but with less side effects. An oral dose of psoralen plus the application of UVA light (PUVA this is called) is used for burns and skin cancers.

At the clinic, blood is separated red from white cells in order to use the white cells to boost immunity. The white blood cells are treated with methoxsalen and exposed to UVA light, then the red blood cells are added back.

Methoxsalen (8-MOP) and UVA light affect cells at the molecular level. 8-MOP localizes in cells and aids in autoimmune diseases like Hepatitis C. Photo-activated (UVA light) methoxsalen damages cell membranes and DNA, which is believed to result in cell death (apoptosis). Cancer cells do not have the same programmed-in cell death, so this method will help rid the body of cancer cells by getting them to self-destroy. White cells can then eat damaged cells in the process called phagocytosis. P53 is the first gene noted that prevents tumor cell death.

Vaccines can produce apoptosis.

At the clinic a patientís blood is assessed to determine genetic risk assessment and what conventional, complementary or alternative substances will work for that patient in particular. One treatment does not work for everyone and a particular combination of treatments is determined that works best for each person.

This is very different from the more rigid protocols used in the U.S. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can create resistant cells. If the program is targeted, it leaves the rest of the body alone, and just goes after tumors, increasing a patientís quality of life.

Testing at the clinic can show how resistant cancer is for treatment and reduces unsuccessful treatments while locating new targets for therapy. Gene, vaccine and immunotherapies are used. Gene therapy cuts out the bad genes from tumor cells. Vaccines are made from the patientís blood and now from the patientís own cancer cells and combined with the patientís cells.

Prostate cancer is sensitive to PSA. There are antibody vaccines for PSA and this method is used in some New York City clinics.

New testing can show how aggressive the cancer is. Finding out how much of the MDR1 gene is in a tumor allows Dr. Jacob to determine if the therapy is working or not. If the therapy is not working there is a high amount of MDR1 and the tumor is getting aggressive.

Present screenings are unable to detect minimal residual disease and present treatment makes it hard to eliminate disseminated tumor cells or tumor stem cells that spread and duplicate. It is difficult to keep cancer cells from spreading. Tumor stem cells are found in bone marrow.

Tumor stem cell markers are CD133 and CD144. New molecular or cellular assays are used, flow cytometry and cytogenetics. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are genes in the role of developing breast cancer which is familial.

Targeted therapies:

∑ Hormone (estrogen) inhibitors

∑ Farnesyl transferase inhibitors

∑ Antibody therapy

∑ New inhibitors for signal transduction pathway

∑ Inhibitors of angiogenesis (targeting only cancer cells)

Shark cartilage can be used to stop tumor growth. 740 mg. is used twice a day, each day.

Catís claw herb is used at 600 mg. twice a day, each day.

New research shows that a patientís own stem cells can get loaded with anti-tumor substances. The patientís stem cells can differentiate to become other cells needed to regenerate tissues. Adult stem cells from bone marrow are used rather than embryonic stem cells. Israel, China and Russia are experimenting with embryonic stem cells with very good results. A protein was found that protects people from cancer. This protein has been isolated and added to a culture of embryonic stem cells and tumor cells. The tumor cells get marked and the immune cells go to destroy it. No side effects.

ďArmedĒ stem cells are modified with genes that have anti-tumor effects. Stem cells kill cancer cells or lead them to cell death as well as regenerate damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy is most promising. It reduces the risk of cancer spreading, costs less than chemo, and damages only the cancer.

There have been stem cell trials with leukemia and a vaccine for lymphoma. Antibody therapy has been used for thyroid and small cell lung cancer. Mistletoe (Iscador) also works with those as well, said Dr. Jacob.

Dr. Jacob advises that your urine pH should be 7 or higher or you should alkalinize your body. She does not use hydrogen peroxide intravenously, but Dr. Michael Schachter in Suffern does with a low dose. She recommends the Budwig cottage cheese plus fax oil combination mentioned in a previous email. She also recommends the Gerson diet because it has shown good results in many cases.

KIMUN ģ is an amino acid food supplement with arginine, glutamine, glycine and lysine. A preventative dose would be one tablet or capsule a day. If you have the flu use five a day. This is good for chronic fatigue, chronic infection, anti-aging, and to boost immunity after chemo and radiation. KIMUN ģ stimulates lymph nodes in the intestines where a vast majority of your immune system resides a.k.a. GALT (gut associated lymph tissues).

Liver and spleen peptides are referred to as biological response modifiers (BRM). These peptides have been used in clinical studies for cancers of the prostate, breast, ovaries, and digestive system. Results showed a better quality of life as seen in a reduction of anemia and less gastrointestinal upset.

Thymus peptides given to patients with chemotherapy and radiation have resulted in a significant improvement of cellular immune response and better quality of life. Thymus peptide therapy is also used for prevention for older people with immune compromised conditions.

I also attended the meeting of the Faithful Servant Cancer Support Group in Basking Ridge where Dr. Jacob spoke two days before and received the following information. Ė Susan

Dr. Jacob uses the sodium selenite form of selenium. Note that you cannot take selenium at the same time as vitamin C. She recommends taking them on separate days. Do not take more than 400-800 mcg. of selenium. Most patients get 300 mcg. For prevention, 100-200 mcg. is sufficient. If you take too much you will smell like garlic and have concentration problems.

Low selenium levels increase cancer mortality.

Interleuken II receptors are always low in cancer patients. Selenium improves these levels. Mistletoe and thymus may not be needed if selenium is used.

Mercury from dental fillings settles in white matter in the brain and can cause Parkinsonís and Alzheimerís as well as messing up metabolism. Heavy metals and viruses can be detoxed with the use of selenium. Cancer patients have increased viruses and heavy metal toxicity. Epstein Barr virus can cause lymphoma.

One third of all malignant tumors is caused by hepatic (liver) lesions. Liver cancer can lead to colorectal cancer a few years later. A hepatic lectin blockade is used to prevent metastases.

Cancer in Japan is being found in younger people than ever before and is getting more aggressive. The increase of pollution in Japan is being blamed. Areas that have more microwaves have more cancers.

Dr. Jacob warns against cell phone radiation and expects an increase in brain tumors. (An Australian news story noted a 40% increase in brain tumors in children in Australia. Children are most vulnerable. Their brains are still growing.)

Therapies destroy beneficial bowel bacteria. Always check bowel flora and that the bowels are moving during therapy.

Arabinoglactan fiber is helpful at increasing bifidobacteria and lactobacillus bacteria. It also stimulates while blood cells and activates macrophages. Arabinoglactan blocks the mechanism of hepatic metastases.

Galasyn ģ is a brand of arabinoglactan as a powder with orange flavor. It seems to have some effect at preventing lung metastases.

Coal tar in hair color is a leading cause of breast cancer. Hair dressing products have heavy metals in them as well.

Dr. Jacob recommends that cancer patients do NOT use white sugar or brown sugar. Use fruit sugars (fructose) or an extract of fruit sugars. (Someone mentioned agave. It is still a sugar, but the glycemic index is lower than other nutritive sweeteners and it goes into the bloodstream slower Ė no sugar spike. You might want to try stevia.)

Cancer cells can contain lead and/or mercury. Heavy metals are in all mercury amalgam (silver) fillings and can also be in the matrix of porcelain fillings. Gold may not be safe for you personally either. It is not good to have two different metals in the mouth. Consult a holistic dentist if this is a concern of yours.

EDTA is used to chelate mercury and to rid atherosclerosis plaque from the veins. Chlorella, seaweed and selenium are good also. Urine and plasma levels are checked for heavy metals. (In the U.S., chelation can only legally be used to chelate lead.)

When Dr. Jacob was finished there was a presentation by Walter Wainright of the Haelan Research Foundation. He can be reached at haelenresearch@gmail.org, 425-268-7798. The company that makes Haelan can be reached at 800-542-3526. It is located in Woodenville, Washington.

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