'Dr. Susan Love's Menopause & Hormone Book'

7/03 We just received a copy of 'Dr. Susan Love's Menopause & Hormone Book', by Dr. Susan Love with Karen Lindsey. Revised edition, 2003.

Subtitled Making Informed Choices (we love that as our email signoff says "Make more fully informed treatment choices).

This book's first chapter is "What is Menopause", so you can tell it will be very comprehensive. The second chapter is "The Medicalization of Menopause", so you get the feeling that it will pull no punches.

Dr. Susan Love has also included chapters on "For Prevention: First Look to Your Lifestyle", and Alternatives: From Acupuncture to Herbs".

As almost everyone knows, study after study has shown that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has failed to live up to the hype heard for the last twenty to thirty years.

From the Introduction:

"We have entered a new age in women's health. As I write the update to this book I cannot help reflecting on all that has happened since the first edition. In 1997 I was cautioning women about hormone replacement therapy (HRT). I explained how we had not proven that hormones taken after menopause could decrease heart disease, Alzheimer's, or even the fractures that occur with osteoporosis. I pointed out that the fears many of us had that long-term use of hormones might increase breast cancer. I felt like the kid in the story, yelling that the emperor might really be naked."

This is a book we can highly recommend.

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