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Metabolic Assessement Program

December 2007

UPDATE from Ann Fonfa, president of the Annie Appleseed Project. Dr. Jack Taylor just contacted me after many years to inform us of the work he is now doing. He has established a website www.biotor.com providing individualized Nutritional Assessment & Chemical Analysis for degenerative disease. As Doctor Taylor and I spoke we both realized that we have come a long way since 1994. He has spent the years learning more, offering more to patients and his sensitivity to their needs has grown as well. He told me his wife is a nurse and they have worked closely together. His work is clearly integrative, using the best of all modalities.

"Dr. Jack O. Taylor holds a master of science degree in biology/human nutrition from Bridgeport University in Connecticut, in addition to his chiropractic degree from Logan College in St. Louis, Missouri.

He is licensed by the State of Illinois as a nutrition counselor and by the State of New York as a certified dietitian-nutritionist. He is certified by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board as a clinical nutritionist and holds diplomat status with th American Chiropractic Board of Nutrition.

Dr. Taylor was featured in a chapter of the book "An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer" and has several articles published by Natural Pharmacy, a monthly news magazine for the retail pharmacist. He is the author of two technical manuals: "Metabolic Assessment from Standard Medical Tests," and "Nutritional Supplement Use, Formulation, and Production."

Dr. Taylor uses an integration of natural therapies centered on nutrition and metabolic modalities. His patients include professional athletes, health-oriented individuals, and many suffering from chronic degenerative diseases".

From the website:


Dr. Taylor is located:

Cass Professional Center 7702 S. Cass Ave., Suite 115 Darien, IL 60561 skyabb@aol.com (630) 493 9516

Ann's NOTE: I used Dr. Taylor and his protocol in 1995 when I had my first local recurrence (left breast after lumpectomy). I submitted a blood test, received a written report and had a telephone consult with him.

From the beginning I did not feel it was as personalized as the literature suggested. I was told I needed water, at that time I was drinking a gallon or more each day.

I was told I needed to lay off sugar when I had none in my dietary programs. And so on. In response to direct questions on these contradictions, Dr. Taylor was quiet and non responsive.

In looking back, I think the enzymes were probably helpful for my digestive system (which anyone who has read my bio area-Ann's BIO, knows about).

I followed the program for about 9-10 months but continued to experience appearance of more slow-growing tumors so I stopped it.

Dr. Jack Taylor

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