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Dr. Flavin-Koenig is an advisor to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the U.S. She is working on a data bank for the NCI which will catalog the molecular biology of each cancer type along with a central information source for new treatments.

She treats numerous cancer patients successfully in Europe. One of them was one of my readers in Ireland, who gave her my [flaky] e-mail address. After trying unsuccessfully to send me an e-mail, she called me on the phone last week. We talked for over an hour. Since then, she has sent me two long e-mails describing her successful treatments.

Dr. Flavin-Koenig's Treatments

Before I tell you her methods, I need to define a couple of two-bit words for you which are essential to understanding them:

APOPTOSIS: Cell death programmed by a particular set of genes. In my book, I "popularized" this concept by describing these genes as the "suicide" and "proofreader" genes. Another gene, called "bcl-2" inhibits this process. Cancer patients want apoptosis to happen to their cancer cells pronto.

ANGIOGENESIS: The development of a vascular network providing blood and nourishment to a new cancer colony. Obviously, cancer patients want to disrupt this process by whatever means. Two substances you may remember which purport to do this are shark cartilage and pau d'arco tea.

Dr. Flavin-Koenig recommends, based on her own observations of cancer cell activity in the biological lab and 23 years of treatment of cancer patients:

BETA CAROTENE, which is Vitamin A in plant form. Dosage: 200 mg per day. She calls this the most important treatment (after stopping smoking) which she uses. It inhibits the "bcl-2" gene (see above) and makes cells more sensitive to immune therapy, as well as chemo and hyperthermia. Yes, Dr. Flavin-Koenig uses low- dose chemo, but only to treat lung and colon cancer but says "it is not enough alone."

VITAMIN A in cod liver oil, which also has Vitamin D. Dosage: one gram a day. This "limits the rate of DNA synthesis and causes apoptosis (see above) in most tumors -- colon, prostate, sarcoma, lung, breast, etc."

[Note: Synthetic Vitamin A and that found in fish oils, like cod liver oil, can be toxic if taken in excess. Beta carotene is not toxic.]

SOY PRODUCTS (a controversial subject) "inhibit the receptors for hormones" and are therefore effective in treatment of prostate cancer.

FISH OIL. Dosage: 2 1/2 grams a day. It inhibits angiogenesis and the "ras" gene that feeds tumor growth. [Dr. Flavin-Koenig had not heard of Dr. Johanna Budwig until I mentioned her. She was interested and will research Dr. Budwig's flaxseed oil/cottage cheese protocol.]

N-ACETYLCYSTEINE. Dosage: 600 mg, 3 times a day. It inhibits angiogenesis, transforms "bcl-2" into "bax" [another gene], which "makes it pro-apoptosis. It also increases T-killer cells and binds with [gets rid of] nitric oxide which suppresses the immune system and stimulates tumor growth."

SODIUM SELENITE. Dosage: 400 micrograms a day. It inhibits the protein Kinase C. It should not be taken at the same time as Vitamin C.

VITAMIN C. Dosage: 3-5 grams a day spread through the day or 3 grams a day combined with 5-7 grams by IV twice a week. It increases hydrogen peroxide in the tumor cells [which kills them].

LACTOFERRIN. Dosage: 1 gram dissolved slowly in mouth at bed- time. It inhibits angiogenesis and binds with iron to decrease tumor growth. It also has anti-viral activity.

BROMELAIN - Dosage: 1 capsule 4 times a day. It also inhibits angiogenesis. It is an enzyme extracted from pineapples.

WOBE MUGOS - An enzyme mixture which enhances the immune system and helps block tumor growth, especially in colon cancer.

INDOMETHACIN - May require a prescription. It blocks the Pros- taglandin E2 (PGE2) and ornithine decarboxylase. Both of these play a major role in angiogenesis and tumor growth plus metastases.

DEVIL'S CLAW - A somewhat less effective substitute for above. Take 3 times a day.

THUJA - For cervical cancer. It is an anti-viral plant which comes in tincture form [which I use to control my toenail fungus].

Some general guidelines:

For Prostate Cancer: Green tea and lots of soy products to reduce hormone receptors and melatonin - 9 mg - at night.

No Vitamin E except "succinate." Other types of Vitamin E protect tumors.

No iron, no B complex, no zinc.

Eat lots of fish (no shellfish -- too much cholesterol), limited eggs, chicken, turkey and all vegetable dishes, with olive oil.

No red meat and no unsaturated fatty acids. Instead olive oil and butter. Butter has butyric acid that prevents DNA synthesis. This is also found in wheat bran and figs.

Dr. Flavin-Koenig is constantly searching internationally for treat- ments including chemo, plants, teas, vitamins, hyperthermia, etc. Because of her encyclopedic knowledge she often consults with colleagues in hospitals all over Europe and with MD Anderson and others in the U.S. She is currently testing a tea from Turkey which cured liver metastases from kidney cancer. She is writing a cookbook for cancer patients.

Dr. Med. Dana F. Flavin-Koenig Durrbergsgtr 28 82335 Berg Germany E-mail: dana_fk@hotmail.com

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