Dr.  Douglas Brodie's Perspective

He has performed 250 AMAS tests and out those he has seen 5 false negatives. All 5 false negatives were with breast cancer! He asked Dr. Bogosh about them who said if a tumor, especially breast cancer is there long enough it is able to disguise itself from the immune system so it doesnít make antibodies.

Dr. Brodie couldnít stress enough that we canít rely on any one test. Bottom line: Cancer is hard to test for, breast cancer especially. Dr Brodie said AMAS is great for early screening or looking for residual post surgery. He does not use it for patients with a palpable tumors.

It is not any good as a monitor of breast cancer. It should be used a an early screening test, period.-Because cancer is so clever at masking itself so the immune system doesnít respond to it. He will use it for a tumor thatís never been biopsied early on and for patients who refuse mammograms or biopsy-But again said that it we canít depend on a single test.

He said we are expecting too much from one test and must take all clinical factors into consideration. He feels the AMAS is still best as a screening tool because it will detect cancer 2-5 years before it will show up with a mammogram.

D. Douglas Brodie, MD

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