Dr.Gonzalez at 2008 BoulderFest

A recording of Dr. Gonzalez's speech at Boulderfest 2008, sponsored by Crayhon Research, is now available at the following link:


In this lecture, Dr. Gonzalez spoke in detail about Dr. Beard and his trophoblast (placental) theory of cancer, in honor of the 150th anniversary of Beard's birth. In this talk, Dr. Gonzalez shows how research from contemporary molecular biology confirms what Dr. Beard claimed 100 years ago regarding the placenta as the ideal model for cancer, and the anti-cancer efficacy of pancreatic enzymes. This talk gives a good historical perspective on our treatment.

For a more general overview of our therapeutic regimen, we recommend the lecture Dr. Gonzalez gave at the Weston A. Price Foundation conference in 2005, also available at the same link.

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