Mexican Clinics & 'Prime Time' 1/02

Re. clinics mentioned on ABC's Prime Time Live.

Donsbach's clinic was hit hard. His clinic is Hospital Santa Monica - for his website. I have heard that Donsbach has a tarnished reputation, even by some in Mexico. That isn't to say he doesn't have some successes, he has. But, at the momemt I am not recommending his clinic.

CHIPSA They use Gerson, coffee enemas, and a wide range of approaches. I have only talked to one person who has gone here. It is not as high on my list as some of the other clinics, mostly because the facility itself is run down and kind of dreary. If they do some renovations, they would probably rate higher on many people's lists. But I think their medical care can actually be very good. I don't know who the Dr. Nunez they interviewed was - I don't have him as one of their regular staff.

He is just a consultant. Dr. Nunez said that the therapies - coffee enemas and the hyperbaric machine don't work with cancer. He recommended chemo and radiation. (Note: There are many clinics in Mexico that are integrated. CHIPSA, Oasis, IBC, and others will use chemo and radiation if they think it is necessary, but the combination of alternative with conventional generally allows for fewer side effects.)

BioPulse was closed back in February. I was surprised they were hit hard as they were as this is "old news", except that they say they visited them in the last six months. Apparently BioPulse started taking patients again, but I don't know how they were able to since the Mexican government had shut them down and they weren't supposed to be using any alternative treatments, especially IHT - their coma therapy - or their vaccine. It was generally well known, in Mexico and in the states that they were having major problems with their therapy. I don't think they have been on anyone's recommended list.

They had originally got a good write up from Alternative Medicine, but that was before it became apparent they were having problems.

Dr. Clark's clinic was shut down temporarily and the FDA has shut down websites that sell the zapper as a "cure for cancer". In fact, anyone who sells anything as a "cure for cancer" will probably be shut down eventually. I understand Dr. Clark's clinic is taking patients again and even though I was told they have some restrictions, I hear they are using all therapies they recommend.

I don't know what clinic they were at that was using electormagnetic therapy or the Bio Ray. There are actually many who use the BioRay and other Rife like machines. I just don't know what clinic they were at.

Shocked that someone using Kelly's program made claims on camera at the Cancer Control Society Convention that they have 100% success rate with pancreatic cancer and 93 - 97% of other cancers. Their representative made claims that I don't think he can back up. Pancreatic is only about 5% success rate for 5 years with most conventional approaches, with 6-9 mos. being the usual sentence given to people.

With alternative approaches, there are some clinics that have extended it for a number of years, but even though I have talked to some long time survivors of pancreatic cancer who used alternative and conventional approaches, the success rate is past a few years is low. We do know a couple of people who have been successful treating their pancreatic cancer and appear to be in remission.

Check out Cancer Control Society's list at to see a list of cancer survivors.

As far as ovarian cancer, the person they had on went to BioPulse, which again, did not have a good reputation and had already been shut down.

There are many clinics that are not even on our website and there are some we have cautions up on. There are some, even in the states, we tell people to avoid at the moment. So, it isn't just in Mexico.

I will say that many of the Mexican clinics have become much more conventional in their approaches, often using chemo or radiation. I have heard from a few sources that some of the clinics may use chemo without telling their patients, but I haven't been able to confirm this. There are few that are strictly alternative; most are considered "integrated" clinics.

So, the bottom line is that there are some people in the field, doctors and clinics that give alternative therapy a bad name. It is up to those who are doing a good job not to overstate their successes and for those who have had successes with alternative therapies to spread the word.

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