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special edition of the Total Health News, Dr. Harold Bloomfield, Yale-trained physician, frequent New York Times best-selling author and well-known authority on herbal medicine, interviews Dr. John Peterson, who has been practicing family medicine and obstetrics in Muncie, Indiana for almost a quarter of a century. Dr. Peterson has received training in Maharishi Ayurveda and has incorporated it into his practice since the early 80s.

Dr. Bloomfield: So tell us about some situations where you would prescribe Amrit.

Dr. Peterson: Well, for someone who is suffering from fatigue problems, especially chronic fatigue syndrome, or recovering from some major illness-pneumonia, influenza, or other infections-Amrit is wonderful for that. People with digestive problems and arthritic problems. For people that are just not having the mental clarity that they want-sometimes they'll describe some memory lapses or some fuzziness-I think that's a place where Amrit can play a role. People who say they have a strong family history of cancer, or heart disease, the two big killers in the West. Amrit can have a preventive effect for them. Cancer patients-I think this is actually where I use it a lot. It's a wonderful cancer-preventive formulation. For patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy and all the other treatments for cancer, Amrit is a wonderful way to help them get through that and to minimize the side-effects of the therapy.

Dr. Bloomfield: So what do patients come back and tell you when you prescribe Amrit, let us say for helping them with their fatigue or to give them energy? What are some of the things they say to you after they've used it for some time?

Dr. Peterson: They like it, they like the effects. Initially they may have some difficulty overcoming the taste (laughs) and the regimen of using it twice daily. But after they get used to it, they like it. They like the energy and they like the vitality that it seems to bring. People who use Amrit for any length of time invariably have something positive to say. Some people describe very specific benefits, having to do with an improvement in their arthritic condition, digestion or constipation problem. And every now and then somebody will talk about it in a very spiritual sense. When patients go off of it that's when they realize how important it was to them. They really feel depleted. And it's not like they've lost everything. But they know that the level of bliss that seems to come with Amrit isn't there.

Dr. Bloomfield: You also recommend Amrit to people who are just looking for ways to stay healthy, who don't have any medical situations as such?

Dr. Peterson: Sure, if people are interested in preventive medicine and want to prevent illnesses, there's nothing better. There's nothing better than Amrit, supplemented by the ayurvedic daily routine. Research shows that Amrit is an incredibly potent antioxidant and a scavenger of free radicals-free radicals that cause damage to the cells and to the lining of the arteries, for example. Amrit is an extremely potent antioxidant, maybe more potent than just about anything we know-more potent than Vitamin C and Vitamin E and all of the other commonly known antioxidants. And Amrit is much more than just an antioxidant! I think that as an herbal formulation, there aren't very many that come close to it. There's a huge incentive to stay healthy these days. Because not only does disease involve suffering and pain, but it's also extremely expensive. Sometimes generations get financially wiped out just from a chronic illness in the family.

Dr. Bloomfield: Do you recommend the same amount of Amrit for everyone-is there any kind of standard you use?

Dr. Peterson: I usually tell all my patients to just take the standard dose. The only time I increase the dose significantly is if there is a family history of breast cancer, or the patient has had breast cancer. Then I really pump up the dose.

Dr. Bloomfield: What about the children you see in your general practice, how young do you recommend Amrit be taken?

Dr. Peterson: I have had some babies who take a very small amount diluted with some warm water. Babies that do not seem to thrive that well and who are prone to every virus or bacterial infection that comes along, prone to ear infections and digestive problems. It really is helpful; I have not seen any problems with it.

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