"Dinosaur Doc" Play about Unenlightened doctor,lesbian pts

Dinosaur Doc, a play by Michele Forsten.

In Dinosaur Doc, Dr. Bronte and her Receptionist run a typically unenlightened doctor's office that does not make lesbian patients feel welcome.

When the doctor accidentally starts attracting more queer patients, she and her receptionist get a remedy for their homophobia.

1 act, 10 minutes. Farce.

The characters are: BETTE JOAN, of indeterminate middle age. Receptionist to Dr. Bronte. She's a nosey and has no experience being around gays and lesbians. INA CLOSETSKY, a patient. A closeted lesbian in her thirties. JUDY FEMINISTA, a patient. An out lesbian in her thirties. MS. DYK…WOMON, a radical lesbian patient wearing leather and a nose ring. She is in her late twenties, early thirties. DR. ESTHER BRONTE, a general medical doctor in her forties. Very little experience being around gays and lesbians.

Another Country Productions selected Michele Forsten's 10-minute farce "Dinosaur Doc" for SlamBoston, Diverse Voices in Theater (2004).

"What's a theatre slam?" you may be asking.

Combining the wild excitement of poetry slams with live theater, SLAMBoston has played to sold out houses since its inception in October 2003.

Duration: 2 hours

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