Disclosure Letter (for Advocate Donations) Suggested 6/07

Dear Friends,

As you may have seen, Eli Lilly announced in May (2007) that it is now disclosing its charitable and educational contributions, at least in the United States. Disclosure of pharmaceutical industry funding to charitable and educational organizations isn't a complete cure for the problems related to such sponsorships, but it's a start.

I'm writing to ask you to join a sign-on letter, initiated by Essential Action, asking all other major pharmaceutical companies to follow Lilly's lead, but to disclose all contributions on a global basis.

(They will also ask PhRMA and the IFPMA to adopt policies recommending member companies make such disclosures; and for Lilly to broaden its policy to the entire world (which it says it is considering).)

For background material on the issue, please see .

The sign-on letter is below. To add your name to the call, send your organization's name (or your name and organizational affiliation, if any, if you would like to sign as an individual), your mailing address and email address to: or . Please send your endorsement no later than June 20, 2007.



-- Amy Allina National Women's Health Network A Voice for Women, A Network for Change


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Letter of Disclosure Sent to Pharmaceutical Companies

To be sent in June 2007

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