Nutrition, Prostate Cancer & Cancer Risk

UCSF on Nutrition and Prostate Cancer

Fruits/Vegetables/Grains & Risk Reduction

Variety of studies including J Urology from Dean Ornish on DIET

Garlic/Onions for Risk Reduction
Resveratrol for Prostate Ca Prevention
Fiber Intake & Prostate Risk:Survivors
Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load & Risk of Prostate Ca
Vitamin E
Strict Vegetarian Diet - NO Dairy SLOWS Prostate Ca Progression
Pomegranate Juice Prolongs PSA Doubling Time
Plant Food,  Antioxidants, Prostate Cancer Risk

Studies on Prevention also of metastasis

Red wine, tea, fruits/veg Inhibit Prostate Ca cells
Dietary Change May Fuel Progression of Advanced Disease
Solidago virgaurea (Goldenrod)
Exercise & Diet Kills Prostate Ca Cells
Status of Selenium in Prostate Ca Prevention
Review: Impact of Diet on Prostate Cancer
Dairy Products, Calcium & Prostate Cancer Risk

Am J Clinical Nutr, 10/01

Dietary Fat/Calcium Fuel Progression
Dietary Risk/Risk Reduction (Sugar Bad)
High-dose Calcitrol Potentiates Docetaxel: Advanced Prostate Ca
Flaxseed/Essential Fatty Acids and Dietary Changes Help

Urology Journal 7/01

Dean Ornish: Lifestyle Stops/Reverses Progression
Linoleic Acid Lowers Risk for Prostate Ca
LIFESTYLES: Pritikin Diet Kills Prostate Ca Cells

PRNewswire, 8/03

RCT of Rye Bran Bread & Prostate Cancer
Lifestyle Changes Slow Progression Prostate Ca
Soy & Tea Inhibits Tumor Weight/Mets

J Nutr, 2/03

Protective Effect Green Tea, Prostate Ca: China
Green Tea Polyphenols STOPS Prostate Ca Development
Green Tea & Pre-malignant Prostate Lesions
RCT of Combo Soy, Isoflavones, Lycopene, Silymarin, Antiox
Large Soy Isoflavone Study - Very Mixed Results

LINK to Prosate organization, lots of Nutrition information

Fatty Fish for Prevention: Omega 3 twice a week

Lancet, June 2,2001

Inuit Protected by Omega 3 Against Prostate Ca
Oxidative DNA Damage & Tomato Sauce

Numerous studies Lycopene, etc.

Lycopene Supplementation:Localized Prostate Ca
Whole Tomato Powder Prevents Prostate Ca
Selenium, vit E & Lycopene : Genetic Assoctn Prostate Ca
Tomatoes and Broccoli Fight Prostate Cancer in Tandem
Preserved Food & Increased Prostate Ca Risk

BR J Cancer, 3/04

Nutrition & Prevention Strategies: Prostate Ca

Medscape, 2004

Dean Ornish, Nutrition & Prostate Cancer
Patient metabolism/nutrition critical factors:prostate ca initiation & tumor growth

Source: Prostate Cancer Foundation NewsPulse, November, 2007

Larry's Prostate Cancer Story

LINK to site with dietary discussion, photos and more

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