Diana Dyer: A Dietitian's Cancer Story-To Finance A Wonderful Project

Diana has put her "money where her mouth is". That is a crude way of saying the following:

The proceeds from the sale of her books are donated to the Diana Dyer Cancer Survivors' Nutrition and Cancer Reseach Endowment at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) in Washington, DC. to - The proceeds from the sale of her books (A Dietitian's Cancer Story available in both English and Spanish) etc etc.

Her endowment exclusively funds research projects that focus on nutritional strategies after a cancer diagnosis, either during treatment or recovery, which will optimize the chances for long-term survival (ie secondary prevention, not just primary prevention).

She hopes her endowment helps to focus national awareness on the nutritional needs of the 8.5 million cancer survivors in the US (22 million world-wide), along with the fact that we deserve science- based answers to help guide our choices of food and dietary supplements that will increase our odds for survival.

Incredibly, AICR has determined that only 1-3% of the NCI budget is spent on nutrition related research, in spite of the fact that the development of 35-45% of all cancers are now thought to be related to diet and nutritional intake. Even less is spent on research studying nutrition and cancer survival.

She wrote the book to be just what she wished her own cancer center had given her when she finally asked the question "What can I do to help myself?" As such, it has been most rewarding that many cancer centers have already purchased her book in quantity to have available to give patients as an educational resource. That has been her dream for the distribution of her book.

Institutions TAKE NOTE: Her website will take bulk orders.

Diana's website is: http://www.CancerRD.com

See below for a link you can click on.

Ann's NOTE: Research funded by Diana's project will enable us to go to our doctors and other providers with studies that cannot be refuted or tossed away. We desparately need this information.

Although there are thousands of existing studies on nutrition and dietary supplements, most are at the animal or tissue culture (in vitro) level, and are therefore easy to ignore. (at least for those who want to).

CONGRATULATIONS Diana. Thank you for your support.

Diana Dyer's Site

She is a cancer patient, and a registered dietitian, LINK

Cancer Survivors: All Calories are NOT Equal

New York Times, July 6, 2004

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