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5/08 Detoxification is extremely important for everyone these days. Our food, air, water, soil and anything else around us is filled with chemicals and radiation that did not even exist before 1945. Cleansing/detoxifiying our bodies lead to better health. With cancer it may be considered essential. This is because if treatment is killing cancer cells, they must be removed from your body as soon as may be. Many experts (in the alternative medicine world) believe that first you cleanse the colon, then the liver, then the blood. There are examples and information on how to do all of this below.

Brigit Krome, formerly of Midas Well, addressed a group concerning herbs, detoxification and many other related topics. Brigit believes that cancer is composed of many different illnesses. She believes that a cure should include colonics and intensive detoxification for parasites, metal poisons, fungus and more.

She pointed out the book by Hulda Clark "A Cure For All Cancers" which discusses the theory that all cancer is parasite related. Most people are found to have parasites, pets too. She believes that many cancers are fungus based, using the rampant candida as an example. This situation is a result of eating non-organic foods, lots of sugar, animal proteins, chemical additives etc. These things stay in the cells unless serious cleansing is done.

Fungus actually starts in the colon as a result of not eliminating properly. She pointed out that we eat three meals a day and most of us do not even eliminate once a day, much less three times.

Brigit offers a multi point program to work with detoxification and building of the immune system: I. Enzymes-raw foods contain enzymes, cooking destroys this. She recommends a diet of mostly raw food. She offered the Ann Wigmore plan for "energy soup" using sprouts, avocado, carrot, apple, Bragg's Amino Acids , water, rejuvalac(a fermented wheat berry drink) and any vegetable you want.

Do not heat. Also taking enzyme pills or powder during and between meals for good effect. There is a theory of cancer fighting that suggests enzymes taken between meals may help break down cancer cells. For breakfast, she suggests essene bread(sprouted non-yeast, no sweetener), available at health food stores in the frozen section often under the brand name "Manna Bread". There are several flavor varieties available.

Spread this bread with quark, a cheese product from Europe that is similar to cotttage cheese and is high in sulfurs, top with flax seed oil. This combination is often called the "Budwig Diet" after Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German physician who created it to fight cancer.

Quark is available at the Union Square green market from Hawthorne Farms Saturdays and Wednesdays. Low fat cottage cheese is an aceptable substitute. (3 tblspoons Quark to 1 1/2 -2 tbsps flax seed oil). Cold pressed flax seed oil and evening primrose oil are useful in the diet. (use cold pressed in general.) Do not heat these oils. Acceptable cooking oil is olive oil.

Protein is to be eaten prior to 3pm. She recommends very little fruit in the diet. Brigit talked about the work of Stanley Bass and the research on diet he performed. An egg was found to be very healthful(from free range or non-pesticide/non-hormone fed chickens). Brigit mentioned wheat grass which is also part of the Ann Wigmore program. It can be combined with other vegetable juices. She also suggested chlorella and/or blue-green algae.

These products help absorption of minerals and vitamins and also aid detoxification.

II. Metal and Chemical detoxification-most tumors have metal and other poisons trapped inside. The lymph system acts to flush out these poisons and will dump them into the large and small intestine for elimination. That is why elimination is so important. She mentioned coffee enemas as an excellent way to detox. These are done at home on your own.

The following is the recipe that Ann Fonfa has used: 3 tbsps ground coffee(drip ground) in 1 quart of distilled, bottled or filtered water. Bring to a boil for 3 minutes. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Filter and add 1 tbsp. blackstrap molasses. Cool to room temperature. Administer with an enema bag with a clip. Lie on left or right side as comfortable. You can lie in your tub or on towels on the bathroom floor. Slowly let coffee into the anus. It should be entirely inside within 3-4 minutes. Then turn to lie on elbows and knees(I read a book for the next part). Retain coffee inside for 12-15 minutes. This is not really hard to do and gets easier with time. Sometimes you cannot hold it in no matter what, so let go(over toilet of course). Get a timer or watch to check. Do this every day if actively treating cancer or every other day if one year past treatment. There is no caffeine rush involved.

Brigit also works with homeopathics and herbs to help cells detoxify. Each program may be specific for the individual involved.

Another aspect is exercise. Use a personal trampoline to help move the lymph through the body. You only need to do this for 5-6 minutes a day. Using a small trampoline is done by gently jumping up and down. No acrobatics are called for. It is a simple process, though there are some specific books that offer a variety of ways to jump.

Brigit also suggested using cream of tartare to raise your potassium levels. Use 1/2 tsp per cup of water 3 x a day.

Brigit offers colonics in her offices. Colonics are "high" enemas. This means that the water goes further up into the colon than with a home enema. She uses totally disposable tubing and materials. Her water is filtered. This process usually can help the complete elimination process that many of us have trouble with. A series is usually recommended to start. This is an excellent way to go after finishing treatment to normalize body function.

Brigit discussed the use of magnets too.

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