Mercury, root canal, a talk by Edward Hutton, D.D.S.

FDA MedWatch, February 2008

FDA notified dental healthcare professionals and patients of the risk of serious allergic reactions in users of denture cleansers. These adverse events, including abdominal pain, vomiting, seizures, hypotension and difficulty breathing, have occurred both when the product has been used properly as well as from improper use. These events can occur soon after first use or after years of use. FDA believes that the ingredient responsible for these reactions is persulfate, a known allergen. Persulfates are used in most denture cleansers to help clean and bleach the dentures. FDA has provided specific recommendations for dental healthcare professionals and an 'Advice for Patients' document.

FDA is recommending that all manufacturers of denture cleansers modify their labeling to include warning information that the product contains persulfates and recommends improving the directions for use on their labeling in order to reduce misuse.

See the MedWatch 2008 safety summary, including links to the Public Health Notification and "Advice for Patients", at:

Meeting at SHARE, NYC office mid 1990's

Dr. Hutton began by saying that he was an 18 year leukemia survivor. He was diagnosed when in a late stage and told by physicians at Sloan Kettering that he had only months left.

He flew to Germany and had all eleven teeth with mercury fillings removed. At that time he was wheelchair bound. The doctor there suggested removal of his spleen. But he was able to contact an Ayurvedic doctor in India and flew there for treatment. He went through 3 months of painful treatment with vomiting 5x a day, tons of bad tasting herbs and painful massage.

A cure was affected and he then spent the next four years learning how to use Ayurvedic treatments himself. He now offers this service to selected patients while they are under the care of an allopathic physician only. But his main interest is in telling us about the dangerous effects of mercury on the immune system. His perspective on dentistry was changed by these experiences.

He did some research and found that there were people in the U.S. who were aware of the dangers of mercury poisoning. Thirty years ago there was a researcher who discovered how dangerous and toxic root canal teeth can be. A group of concerned dentists including Dr. Hutton formed the International Academy of Oral Toxicology.

Dr. Hutton had a marvelous dry sense of humor and told us that "there is nothing wrong with mercury fillings, as long as they are not in the mouth of a person". Dentists and their staff handle mercury as a toxic substance within their office but somehow not once it is in our mouths! Dental gold has been shown to contain a metal that is more carcinogenic than mercury.

There are other choices of materials, which are biologically compatible-this is shown by compatibility testing. There are several good tests available through dentists involved in this area.

Having root canal teeth in one's mouth creates a low level infection that challenges the immune system daily. It cannot be resolved without removing the tooth. This type of infection is very difficult for our bodies. Many cancer doctors in Europe and elsewhere urge removal of root canal teeth before cancer fighting treatments are administered.

A drug called DMPS is now being used after removal of mercury from the teeth. It is experimental now. Dr. Warren Levin, a physician is one of the testers of this drug. But Dr. Hutton cautioned that it cannot be taken until all mercury is removed from the mouth.

Too often a dentist will remove even 98-99% of the mercury and this is dangerous to the patient. When the mercury leaves our cells, the cell is still "addicted" to mercury and longs for more. Any that is left will go directly to the cells and reoccupy and infect the body and immune system. Fish has to be avoided for the first 3 months after mercury removal. Crowns are usually removed too as mercury is often beneath them.

A panoramic X-ray is needed before any work can begin on the mouth. This shows the dentist where the mercury is located in the patient's mouth. Dr. Hutton told us about the Metropolitan Oral Surgery located at 488 Madison Avenue,(212)223-0320.

Ann Fonfa went there and it cost $75. She has had one root canal tooth removed so far. There was a definite immune reaction-weakness, dizziness then high fever(103.5). This seemed to indicate that there was an underlying infection. She contacted Dr. George Meinig of California who wrote The Root Canal Cover-up to see if he agreed that this was the cause of the illness. It is likely but unprovable(like so much else we deal with).

Dr. Hutton stressed over and over that complete rehabilitation of the mouth is the key. This is not a cure for cancer but rather a way for the body to begin to respond to other treatments.


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