Daphne genkwa root inhibits  growth/mets Lewis lung ca (MICE)

Total flavonoids of Daphne genkwa root significantly inhibit the growth and metastasis of Lewis lung carcinoma in C57BL6 mice

Weifa Zhenga, Xiaowen Gaoa, Caifa Chena and Renxiang Tanb (b),

aKey Laboratory for Biotechnology on Medicinal Plants of Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou Normal University, Xuzhou 221116, China bInstitute of Functional Biomolecules, State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China


Daphne genkwa root has been traditionally used as an effective remedy to treat various tumors. However, the active constituents for its antitumor potency have not been well documented. During the screening for antitumor constituents, it was found that the total flavonoids of D. genkwa root (TFDR) were responsible for the inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis.

In this study, TFDR was investigated for its chemical composition and activities against tumor growth and metastasis. HPLC indicates that daphnodorin B, containing 42.79% of the total, represents the predominant constituent in TFDR.

Treatment of LLC-bearing mice with TFDR evidently protected peripheral lymphocytes from tumor-induced reduction, and increased lymphocyte proliferation potential and cytolytic activity of NK, and inhibited tumor progression and metastasis either 7 days before, or simultaneous with, or 7 days after LLC transplantation.

TFDR also suggested higher cytotoxicity to a number of tumor cell lines than that to normal human kidney cell K293. TFDR also induced an enhancement on peripheral release of TNF- at doses between 25 and 75 mg/kg. These results indicated that TFDR inhibited tumor growth and metastasis by protecting host immunocyte viability and its proliferation potential, and selectively inhibiting tumor cell proliferation, and improving cytolytic activity of NK cells, and enhancing TNF release in LLC-bearing mice.

Daphnodorin B and its analogues in TFDR are the active constituents in the roots of D. genkwa, contributing to the inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis.

International Immunopharmacology Volume 7, Issue 2 , February 2007, Pages 117-127


Antitumor activity of daphnodorins from Daphne genkwa roots

Int'l Immunopharmacology, 2/07

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