Cyclamen, a Wildflower

From an email we received in January 2006

I live in Belgrade, Serbia. My Mother has suffered from Melanoma Malignum (secondary deposits in lymph nodes) and two months ago she passed away. At very first stage an operation was taken in the Military Academy Hospital (VMA) in Belgrade and some of lymph glands were removed.

Later after a consultancy with Dr. Avril from Gustave Rossy institute in Paris a treatment with Dacarbazine was done with partial and temporal results and finally from May 2005 a treatment with Interferon.

Unfortunately the disease was spreading rapidly and during July my Mother was very close to a coma. In twist of fate those days I met a friend who suggested me to visit an old man, an alternative medicine so called doctor and what is important who does not charge for the cure.

Considering the health state of my Mum I thought that we have nothing to lose therefore my Mother started taking a tea extract prepared from a root of a wild flower wild cyclamen (that could be find only at the nearby mountains and it seems to be a bit deferent sort of well known cyclamen) as well as three times a week an Interferon injection.

I want to emphasize that we were preparing the tea on our own and I was able even to gather more roots at the nearby mountain. After a few days the results were unbelievable great and my Mother was able to walk, eat properly and even do every day’s duties.

My personal friend and the doctor who took care of my Mom all the time, a Military Hospital Academy internist Dr. Zugic was surprised that the tumor (secondary deposits) stopped growing up and even started to reduce!

I personally tasted the tea and I must say that it could be drunk however it has a strong and bitter taste. Unfortunately after a month my Mom decided to stop drinking that tea extract because of the taste (!) and soon afterwards her condition became worst and worst and she passed away with the final metastasis in brain.

Of course before I let my Mom drinking that cyclamen root tea I made a research accompanied by Dr.Zugic and we were impressed by the number of people who took the tea and with definitive signs recovery of many kinds of cancer.

The outcomes were so amazing that Dr. Zugic decided to ask his colleagues in Military Academy Hospital (VMA) to start analyzing the root. The very first results showed that the root contains extremely high concentration of antibiotic, immunology and pain relief substances.

They did not continue the research however I could read between the lines that researchers were limited in their studying due to a lack of technical support and a lack of reagent substances which I can understand because I am living in Serbia.

Further comments on Wild Cyclamen

Email from Serbian son whose mother used this, 2/06

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