March 2000

Updated 5/2000, 7/2000, 9/2000, 5/2001

I am working with a doctor using Chinese herbs. In the begining, I had stopped ALL other supplements and just took the herbs for the first few months. I was given a prescription just for me, that is the way with Traditional Chinese Medicine-it is very personal. I am working with Dr. George Wong of the Strang Cancer Prevention Center in New York City.

I go to Chinatown and get the herbs. Then I make a "tea" of them and drink it daily. They cost about $11 per packet for two-day use.

Bottom line: The tiny tumors I have on the chest wall, left side mastectomy scar are indeed continuing to reduce. This doctor believes we can totally reduce them. I hope so.

I used surgery on most of the tumors I developed over the 6 1/2 years since my original diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma. Now I am trying not to use surgery since my surgeon informed me we would need the help of a plastic surgeon on the next round. I have so little breast tissue left, but it seems ALL of it has cancer.

Under the theory that I am indeed 'killing' cancer cells, I am now doing two coffee enemas (politely called coffee breaks) per day. One first thing in the morning and one any other time of day I can manage. I still drink 3 live juices per day. And I continue to have my green drink on an empty stomach.

I went off the herbs for a period of time (since August 1999). But am now back using a different prescription. Good news-I had an MRI which clearly demonstrated that I have no spread of disease in the chest. I do have the tumors in the skin around the scar site of my mastectomy(left side only).

Time will tell. My health is normal, I have lots of energy and am not debilitated due to these tiny tumors.

UPDATE 7/00: Health is status quo. I still have the tiny tumors but they have NOT changed since I last wrote about them. I continue the herbs but now take them daily with no breaks and have recently begun drinking three 8 oz. glasses of water with modified citrus pectin (MCP). This product has been shown in in vitro studies, to reduce metastatic cells. This is an ongoing concern, obviously. Especially since I am now 7 1/2 years past original diagnosis.

UPDATE 9/00: Still using Chinese herbs, stopped MCP. Continue to do at least one coffee "break" daily, mostly two. I make carrot/green apple/beet/ginger juice each day (enough for 3 8-oz drinks). Sometimes add parsley or other greens.

I continue to feel great and my mental state is strong. I am working continually to change the way cancer and cancer patients are treated.

UPDATE March 2001: George Wong, my Chinese Herbalist (also a Harvard-trained Ph.D.) suggested I use the herbs 4 days a week as I was doing so well. I was nervous but eventually agreed to do this. No new tumors had appeared. Please check out the Meeting Summaries section that includes a talk George Wong gave at SHARE in NYC.

UPDATE May 20, 2001: Irony of ironies, my father died on May 16 after I had spent five days watching him in a coma. Just a few days later I found one new tumor (totally new location on the rib cage) and one old tumor revived. I called George and he agreed I should go back on the herbs fulltime (7 days a week). I also began using higher doses of Vitamin A (I had gone down to 40-50,000 IU).

Amazingly as soon as I conquered my fears, the tumors began to shrink and get less hard. (they all show up as tiny). It was not the result of anything I took since it was too soon for that.

So I learned something from this. Grief and 'stress' can DEFINITELY affect one's health. But just as obviously positive mental energy can too. When I told my husband about the tiny tumors, I knew that he would be fearful. At the same time I felt that if I had to calm his fears, I would be the "strong" one, a position I have to admit I like. But it worked.

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