Chemopreventive effect of curcumin in colon cancer

An animal study of male rats

From Cancer Research 1999, Vol 59, Iss3 pp597-601

Curcumin is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and it can inhibit chemically induced cardinogenesis in the skin, forestomach and colon . Curcumin was also shown to increase apoptosis (cell death), it inhibited growth of tumors in the colon.

This has not been studied in humans to any degree but animal studies are indicative.

Ann's NOTE: As a cancer patient, I resent the fact that wherever trials are conducted, money is being spent on pharmaceuticals and human trials while there is SO much resistance to studying natural substances in humans. Sometimes I think there is a kind of prejudice or resistance to non-toxic substances. It seems to me that researchers have 'forgotten' that a substance does not have to be toxic to be effective.

Curcumin is also known as the spice turmeric. It is present in Indian food cooking.

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