Cryotherapy Talk - William Lloyd Glover, MD


William Lloyd Glover, MD

Georgetown Medical School, Washington D.C.

Dr. Glover is a proponent and practitioner of Cryosurgery. He opened his lecture with Hippocrates first rule of medicine: “First, do no harm!” He reported that Cryosurgery is safe, minimally invasive, radiation free, has a fast recovery time, and is relatively easy for the surgeon to learn.

It can and has been used for primary treatment as well as for salvage therapy when primary radio-therapy or surgery has failed. One of the very real dangers from radio-therapy of all kinds is damage to the rectal wall that may not show up for some time following the procedure.

Dr. Glover discussed the use of warm, saline solution between the prostate capsule and the rectal wall to eliminate potential damage during the freezing procedure.

Cryosurgeons are currently using the 3rd generation of cryo equipment. He claimed zero % rectal wall damage, <3% incontinence and low levels of impotence. Dr. Glover reported that some 18,000 to 32,000 cases of radiation therapy fail each year.

He didn’t cite the failure rate for cryosurgery; instead he showed a listing of multiple literature sources that contain the data. Because the so-called third generation of cryosurgery is relatively so new, there hasn’t been enough time to determine longer term results. He did report that five year survival with cryo is at least equal to five year survival with the other methods.

Intl Prostate Cancer Conference, October 2006, Reston, VA

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