Cranberries May Improve Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Cranberries May Improve Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

New research, while preliminary, offers exciting possibilities to ovarian cancer sufferers in the form of the cranberry.

Platinum-based chemotherapy is the basis for treating ovarian cancer, but with repeated exposure and treatments, the cancer cells tend to become resistant to the therapy. As a result, doctors must increase the dosage of the chemo and burden the patients with even more side effects.

Rutgers University researchers Ajay P. Singh, Ph.D. and Nicholi Vorsa, Ph.D.found that human ovarian cancer cells that were resisting platinum drugs, become up to six times more receptive to the drugs after being exposed to cranberry compounds.

The researchers will soon begin animal studies to see the results outside of the lab. However, patients are cautioned not to start drinking large quantities of cranberry juice: “Cranberry juice itself is not a cure for cancer.”

Our source: Ovarian Cancer National Alliance September 2007 newsletter

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