Correlates of Posttraumatic Growth in (partners) of Breast Ca

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Correlates of posttraumatic growth in husbands of breast cancer survivors

Tzipi Weiss *

Long Island University, CW Post Campus, Brookville, NY, USA

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Following breast cancer, many survivors and spouses report posttraumatic growth (PTG) - positive life changes. This correlational study identified social context and event-related correlates of PTG among husbands of breast cancer survivors (N=72).

Bivariate analyses indicated that husbands' PTG was positively associated with general social support, greater marital support and depth of commitment, greater PTG in wife, shorter time since diagnosis and breast cancer meeting DSM-IV criteria for traumatic stressor.

Multiple regression analysis revealed that the significant predictors of husbands' PTG were depth of marital commitment, wife's PTG, and breast cancer meeting DSM-IV traumatic stressor criteria.

Psychosocial research and interventions need to acknowledge that couples face the cancer together and share not only the pain but also the potential for gain from the trauma.

Ann'S NOTE: Just for the heck of it, I asked this author if she included partners (unmarried) and woman/woman couples. We are awaiting her response. However, I am sure all of us can extrapolate on this.

4/9/04 Here is her response:

"Hi Ann, I only looked at married heterosexual couples - I had to narrow the number of variables for my initial research. I would hope someday to study same-sex couples as well as couples that are not married as well as couples where the ill spouse with breast cancer is the man...

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, I'll be glad to answer...

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Psycho-Oncology Volume 13, Issue 4 , Pages 260 - 268

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