Conversations w/Dr. Sam Bogosh (AMAS)

Welcome to this twenty first issue of the Cure Your Cancer Newsletter. By Bill Henderson

Most of you probably recall reading about the AMAS test in my December 22nd, 2001 newsletter. This week, I got to talk to the Doctor who holds the patent on it, Dr. Bogoch of Oncolab in Boston. I will quote from the December newsletter to review what we're talking about:

"AMAS (anti-malignin antibody in serum) is the most accurate cancer test in the world. It can detect cancer nearly two years before any other method now in use with accuracy above 99%. Probably more important, it can accurately detect the recurrence of cancer -- any form of cancer -- long before other cancer 'marker' tests, with far fewer false positives."

Most doctors and hospitals are unaware of this test. This in spite of the fact this test was approved by the FDA in 1977 and the clinical trials were finally completed in 1994.

My curiosity had grown ever since I first learned about the AMAS test. Why was it not better known? Why didn't even major cancer hospitals and large oncology clinics use it? Why hadn't some major lab supplier like Smith-Kline-Beecham picked up the patent for a gazillion dollars and promoted it adequately?

After my second call to Oncolab, I finally got a return call from Dr. Bogoch. In response to these questions, he said that: a) He and his wife are not (like many discoverers of marvelous products) good at promotion; and b) The large lab supplier companies are interested in "me, too" products. If a test is well known, they will promote it. If it is a new concept, they are not interested.

Despite hundreds of published papers on it in the last 30 plus years, most oncologists and cancer clinics say "Huh?" when you mention it. In fact, the reason I called Oncolab for the second time was because a reader in Toronto called me. He had ordered the free kit for the test for his wife. But, after calling all over Toronto and northern New York State, he could find no oncologist or cancer hospital/clinic who had heard of it.

Among other things, I asked Dr. Bogoch what a person should do who could not find a doctor familiar with the test. He said all you needed to do is take the kit, which contains a load of scientific information on the test, to any doctor. All the doctor needs to do is write you a prescription for you to take to any lab. The lab will draw the blood and send it to Oncolab (the only lab qualified to do the test). The cost (payable by Medicare, I understand, and probably by other health insurance) is about $135 per test.

To order the free kit, just call Oncolab at (800) 922-8378. It is an automated line, which is somewhat less annoying than most of these. After their message, you just say your name and address and you'll get your free kit in about a week.

The reason I recommend this is that all the literature I've seen shows that this test is far more accurate than any CAT, PET, MRI or other scan and any other of the "cancer marker" tests commonly used by oncologists. In Paula's case (see above), I'm quite sure it would have discovered 3 or 4 months ago that she still had active cancer in her body -- well before the tumor became detectable by "normal" means.

As in most things, there is a contrary view. As I told you in my January 11, 2002 newsletter, Ann Fonfa, one of my idols in the cancer-fighting business, is skeptical about this test. Her compadres have experienced some false positives and false negatives with it (happens in all tests). You can check out her views at:

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