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November 30, 2011 Yesterday's Science Times section of the New York Times featured a Q&A "Is it really necessary to prevent patients from drinking water for many hours before surgery? Short ANSWER: NO! We knew that in 2006 when we posted the Cochrane review that appears in one of our sections below (on surgery, hospitalization and tips). We've added the Q& A to that section.

Why did it take another 6 YEARS to enter the news? Well that is a continually baffling question - and the reason not all of our pages are updated annually. NOT THAT MUCH CHANGES in any one year or even 5!

June 2002 from Bill Henderson (

As of January 1, 2002,

Bill said: "I called the Medicare office in D.C. and they told me that, as a result of a law passed by Congress effective January 1st, 2002, Medicare will pay for nutritionist advice (and even some of the products and treatments) IF (there's always an IF) you have been diagnosed with:

1. Diabetes 2. Kidney disease or you are on organ transplant follow-up.

Didn't know this? Check it out. A federal law was passed by Congress in January. Private insurance companies who sell Medigap and other health policies are just now picking up on it".

From the Life Extension Institute


The high cost of blood testing keeps most people from discovering correctable risk factors that could predispose them to developing degenerative disease. The Life Extension Foundation broke down these high price barriers years ago by offering discounted blood tests directly to the public.

New Physician Telephone Consultation Service

If you have questions about how to interpret your blood test results, you can discuss these at no charge with a licensed nutritionist knowledgeable about these blood tests.

If your tests reveal significant abnormalities, we suggest you see your physician, or arrange for a telephone conference with a physician associated with The Life Extension Foundation.

The normal price for a telephone conference with a doctor to discuss your blood results is $85.00. Foundation members pay only $50.00. These telephone consultations are by no means a substitute for hands-on physician intervention, but they can help guide you to the proper specialist, provide insight on lifestyle changes you may want to consider, and give you an opinion on what you may ask your treating physician to do to help correct the abnormality(s).

When you place your order, you will be sent a list of blood drawing stations in your area.

Tips and Techniques

Patients exchange useful information on scars, exercise, thymus and more

If You Take Chemo
Reduce Bleeding and Bruising from Surgery
If You Have to be Hospitalized
On Medical Acupuncture
What Blood test info means
Warm Blanket Reduces Chance of False Positives: PET Scans
Choosing a Health Practitioner
Product to Help with Vaginal Dryness
Beyond Flowers: Helping Someone with BCA (FILM)
Wound Healing/ Infection
Phantom Pain from Body Part/Limb Removal
Soap & Water Rid Hands of Viruses
'Newer' Blood SAFER for Transfusions
Foot Bathing & Immune Function
Effect of Music on Postoperative Pain and Anxiety
Continuous Chest Compression CPR
GERSON Therapy

Articles, studies, patient stories, links, etc.

Coffee Enemas
Cavit-sonar imaging system - interior of bones
Gerson Cancer Therapy-High Potassium/Low Sodium
Ann Fonfa's Diary: CHIPSA
UK Man Uses Gerson Therapy
PAIN: Max Gerson, MD
Fifty Best Cases-Max Gerson
Abram Hoffer on Gerson Therapy
The Gerson Miracle: A Film
Cubing/Shredding Potatoes Before Boiling Can Reduce Mineral Content By 75%
Prince Charles Supports Research Gerson Thrpy
Pure fruit & vegetable juices protect against cancer &cardiovascular disease
Gerson and Gerson-type Clinics
Life Extension Fdn Consult


Alt Medical Codes/Ins

LINK-site offers codes for your healthcare provider to use for insurance reimbursement

Hydrazine Sulfate

The facts about HS from the discoverer and a patient

One Patient's Wife Speaks
A Patient's Husband Speaks
News Article on a Cancer Death
And Now the Silly Part of ASCO/ACS CAM Meeting, 2001
Cachexia Syndrome
MAO Inhibitors Protect Non-Malignant Cells: RTx

A talk from one practitioner's perspective and a link to Chilel qigong site

TCM article 7/99
Integrating TCM Into Conventional Therapy
Patient Perspective/Lois
Acupuncture, Acupressure
TCM Talk/Articles
Discussion of Chi Energy & TCM
TCM and Pears-RTx/Chemo
Integrative TCM & Chemo:Survival Data
Tai Chi/QiGong
Chinese Medicine & Malignant Lymphoma
Globalising Chinese Medicine
Healing Remedy Formula:Tateishi Kazu, Taiwan
Pesticides in Medicinal Herbs
Chinese Herbs Examined
Chopsticks and Arthritis
Detoxification Techniques

Discussions and ideas

Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction
Dry Skin Brushing for Detox
Coffee Enemas
Herbs and Foods for Detoxification
What the Liver Does
Steam Room Information
Far Infrared Sauna
Wheatgrass & Ann Wigmore
Castor Oil: Uses
Ayurvedic Detoxification & PCBS
Fasting - Studies, LINKS and more
Books on Detoxification and Healthy Eating
CONSTIPATION Articles & Links
Hot Bath Detoxification
Assorted  Alternative Treatments

Many more pages to look at

Various Patients' Protocols
Controlled Amino Acid Therapy
TIBETAN Medicine
NATIONAL Cancer Research Foundation - Cellect
Vitae Elixxir
Rhodiola Rosea
D'Adamo-Blood Type & Treatment
Anvirzel-an Herbal Extract - Oleander
Cesium Chloride
Govallo VG 1000
Methyglyoxal from India
Nutritional Therapy Trust (UK)
Cancell®/Cantron/Protocel® /Entelev®
Czech Therapy - 'Devitalisation'
Low-dose Naltrexone
Balm of Gilead (Black Salve)/Salves
Polyerga Plus
Color Therapy
Metab Oncol/Effecting Lysis:Solid Tumors
Poly MVA
If you decide to hold off surgery
Settlement on Springer Vaccine Lawsuit
Defending Against Cancer: Enzymes/Nitriloside
Matthias Rath, MD Talk
Transfer Factor
AVE Ultra- Fermented Wheat Product
Beetroot Therapy: Dr. A. Fenenci, MD
Prevent & Survive Bca w/Iodine
Ctr for Holistic Urology (Columbia Univ) & Beljanski
Biological Immune Response Modulator BIRM
Ruta 6 Ruta graveolens
Galavit - Refined Monosdoium - Luminol
Essiac Tea
Noni Juice
Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Therapy/Simoncini
The Breuss Cancer Cure
ATP Cell Food and Dr. Shu - China
HyperImmune Egg aka i26
Cancer as a metabolic disease
Dr. Hulda Clark

Articles, patients' reports, websites

Interview w/Kathlyne Bramante
Colon Lavage Excerpt
International Syncrometer Science Center
Restoring Immunity
Talk by Ruth Sackman

Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapies founder speaks/1996

Testimony/Information on NCCAM

National Center For Complementary & Alternative Medicine (information, link)

Testimony July 8, 1999
2nd Int'l Scientific Conference on CAM & Integrative Med Res
The Mind Body Connection
The Mind Body Connection

Articles and links to help w/relaxation/stress reduction/healing

Books, Tapes, CDs
Symptoms of Inner Peace
Stress Reduction
"We Create Reality Through A Thinking Process"
Dreams and Interpretations
Stress-reducing exercise
Relaxing Breath
Advice from Bernie Siegel
Relaxation/Recovery Techniques
Journal Writing/Expressive Writing
Pain-Techniques for Dealing with it
Sharing Feelings Impacts Quality of Life
Affirmations (from Tom Barrett)
Depression as Predictor of Death
Angiogenesis Decreased w/Support
Book by Daniel J. Benor, MD
Religious Importance/Practices in Patients
Intuitive Healing: Steps
Use of Mind-Body Medical Therapies
Personality & Cancer Survival: NO Connection in Japan
Indiv Recipient's Functional Brain Changes w/Distant Healing
Bach Flower Remedies
Gingko & Memory Enhancement
Dental Issues

Mercury, root canal and links

Patient Perspective:Taking Care of Your Mouth -Chemo/Rads
Fluoride Issues
Root Canal
Looking for a Holistic Dentist?
Acupuncture Controls Gagging Reflex
Removal of Mercury Filling & Root Canals
Heavy Metal Risks
Periodontal Infection & High-dose Chemo
Dental Health Issues BEFORE Radiation
Cavities (Dental Caries)
Dental Allergies to Metal Fillings
Importance of Collaboration to Maintain Oral Health
Mngmnt of Patients After Head & Neck Cancer Therapy
Mngmnt of Oral Infections in Ca Patients

A supplement, information presented at AACR 1996

Production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (MGN-3 Study)
Comments from Wellness Web (Kathleen McGarvey-Philippi, RN, BSN)
Sources for Low Price MGN-3
MGN-3 Potentiates Death Receptor-induced Apoptosis
Natural Killer Cells Made, NOT Born
Stimulation of NK cells, Pancreatic Ca w/Virulizin

From the B Vitamin, inositol. Presented at AACR 1998

IP6, Inositol for Breast Cancer Pts taking Chemotherapy
G0/G1 Arrest & S Phase Inhibition Human Ca Cell Lines
IP6 Enhances Adriamycin & Tamoxifen (Bca)
IP-6 Inhibits Cancer Metastasis: Human BCa cells
IP6 and Inositol Combined
IP-6 Rice Bran Extract & Green Tea are Natural Iron Chelators
Inositol protects DNA from radiation
IP6, Proteasome Inhibitors KILL Prostate ca cells
Green Tea, Phytic Acid, & Inositol (in rats): colon tumors

Reishi/Maitake/Shitake/PSK/ White buttons/Agaricus/

Vitamin A /Maitake Mushrooms
Studies on Mushrooms
Agaricus blazei Muril Mushroom
UK Review Suggest Western Med study Mushrooms
Ovarian Cancer: Patient Perspective
Daya Fisch - Breast Health Project on Mushrooms
Nontoxic Immune Enhancers

Germanium, modified citrus pectin, BioProA,and aloe vera

Modified Citrus Pectin
Reasons to Drink Aloe Vera
Bio Electric, Frequency Medicine

An electronic machine from the 1930's, other therapies Including NEW TECHNIQUES USING LASAR/HEAT

Rife including sources for machines
Bioelectric Therapy
Radiofrequency to Ablate Solid Tumors
Electrical Current to Heal Chronic Wounds
Magnet Therapy-Patient Perspective
EED: Multi Wave Oscillator
BEFE Hydrotherapy
Low Power Millimeter Waves
"Ancient Egyptian Rods"
Laser Cancer Treatment
Microwave Therapy prior to Surgery
Terahertz for Chemical Detection
Q Link
Letter from Gene Koonce -VIBE Technologies
Weak Magnetic Field Affects Bacterium
Pulsed Electric Fields-Treated Soup
Rocks, Radiation Hormesis
Center for Cell Specific Therapy

Water of Life, an ancient, holisitic therapy

Books on urine therapy

Traditional medicine of India

Discussion on Amrit (Dr. H. Bloomfield/Dr. J. Peterson
The Answer to Cancer...
Indian Professors Warn of Misuse
Amoora rohituka Tree Produces Drug: a Triterpene acid
Leukemia Patients in India &CAM
Antitumor Effect of Stilbenoids from Vateria indica
Carctol - Herbal Cancer Therapy
Boston Medical Library to Gather Ayurveda Materials
Triphala (Ayurvedic Drug) Protects Mice from RTX Troubles
Ayurvedic concepts of health & role in inflammation/cancer.
Boerhaavia diffusa - Ayervedic Herb

Interventions, advice, information

Combining Fruits/Vegs Prevention
Alpha-lipoic acid
Time Release Vitamins
FDA & Enzymes
Food Versus Vitamins
Various Fruit/Vegetable Capsules
HAELAN 951 'Soy Health Product'
Advice From Phys Comm for Resp Med
Natural substances for Sarcoma
Dr. Flavin-Koenig Recommends Nutrients
Am Institute For Cancer Research Nutrition Hotline
Nutrition Websites
Synergistic Effect: Tahitian Noni Juice & MSM-Breast Ca

Information, websites and patient perspectives

Misteltoe (Iscador) Information
Ukrain and Pancreatic Cancer
The Revici Method

A selenium-based program to fight cancer

Alkaline/acid Balance
Some Common Alkaline Ash Foods
Some Common Acid Ash Foods
The Doctor Who Cures Cancer - about (Emanuel Revici)
Study of Complementary Med

British Medical Journal December 1999


Information from many sources, repeat of some links too

Milk Thistle
Cat's Claw
Pau D'Arco and Taxol
Turmeric and Gynomastia
Kava Kava-for Stress Reduction
Black Cohosh May Help Reduce Bca Risk
Tongkat Ali - Malaysian Plant
Petiveria alliciacea L. Plant
Autumn Advice '02: Kami McBride
Curcumin & Irreversible Growth Inhibition/Apoptosis:Melanoma
Induction of AP-1 Activity by Perillyl Alcohol in Bca Cells
Inhibition of Ca Cells by Artemisinin Derivatives
Natural Tonic: Richard Schulze
FDA Bans Ephedra
An Herb is MORE Than its Active Ingredient
Cyclamen, a Wildflower
Cannabinoids and gliomas
Bear Wallow Herbs
Herbs and Natural Therapies for Ascites
Two Herbal Extracts Kill Cancer Cells
Insulin Potentiation Therapy-IPT

Information and a LINK

Insulin-induced Enhancement of Tumor Response
Insulin on Chemo Drug Sensitivity Human Cancer Cells
Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy

At the BioPulse Clinic & Oasis (formerly Contreras Clinic in Tijuana

Government Charges NO Benefit
Antineoplastons: Dr. S. Burzynski
Antineoplastons: Dr. S. Burzynski

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski Clinical trials/Houston, TX

Gene-Targeting Therapies On Advanced Pancreatic &Liver Ca
9/02 Update on Trials w/Antineoplastons
March 16, 2004 Clinical Trial Results
Antiumor Effect Antineoplaston AS2-1: Colon Ca
Patient Perspective - Stage IV Breast Cancer
Susan Zimmerman, artist, cancer survivor
Targeted Therapy w/Antineoplastons - Gliomas
Sun Soup

Dr. Alexander Sun's food-based treatment

Pilot Study on Sun Soup (Mice & Human Subjects)
Discussion of Phase I/II Study by Nat'l Ctr CAM (NIH)

Injectable system for treating cancer Available in Canada

Patient Perspective
Peter Chowka's story on NCI Undertaking a Review
Dana Farber and Testing 714X
Hyperthermia (Heat Treatments)

A registered Polarity Practitioner and a writer-article about how, why and what

Cancer Facts from National Cancer Institute
Avascular osteonecrosis AFTER hyprthrmia in childrn & adolscnts
Dutch Study on Hyperthermia
Hyperthermia In Gyn Cancers
Hyperthermia & Advanced Liver Ca
Loco-Regional Hyperthermia
Russian Researchers Heat Body Temperature w/Baths
Whole Body Hyperthermia:German View
Long-term Local Hyperthermia & Advanced Bca
Hyperthemia:Duke Comprehensive Cancer Ctr.
Lancet Oncology Review
Hypothermia-Lowering Temperatures
Concurrent Heat & H7
Body RTx / Hyprthrmia:Dendritic Immnthpy
Hyperthermia & Chemotherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Quercetin & Hyperthermia
QOL Locally Advanced Prostate & Hyperthermia/RTx
Carcinogenic Effects of Hyperthermia?
Anesthesia & Whole Body Hyperthemia: Experiences
Local Hyperthermia & External RTx: Locoregional BCa
Effects of Hyperthermia on Central Nervous System (animals)
Host antitumour immune responses to HIFU ablation
Molecularly Targeted Therapeutic Heat & BCA Cells
Heating Gold Nanorods to Destroy Cancer Cells
Patients Stories and Quotes

Learn from others' experiences

Monique Speaks About Her Treatment Protocol
Patient Perspectives on Flaxseeds/oil
Just Take This Pill, But
Mary Pat Palmer-Taylor
Kathy Uses Natural Therapies for Lung Mets
Exercise After Cancer: Patient Perspective
Letter Appeared in Spirit of Change (Boston magazine)
Madeleen Herreshoff's Integrative Approach
Surviving Mesothelioma w/Alt Therapies
In Loving Memory of Kathy Miele
Hyperthermia (Heat Treatments)
Anne Caputi Discusses Her Choices
DK Tells her Husband's Story: Rectal Ca
Linda Kellett's Story of Gravizon, Essiac, Juices
Story of Mark with Pancreatic Ca and Liver Mets
Joe with Lung Sarcoma - November 2005
Story of Brett, Age 13 and Ukrain
Patient Story - Facing Cancer on My Own
From a Newsletter by Marie Pace, ND, CNC
Cancer: Healing Journey of Dr. Shoshona Margolin
Jeannine Watson: Search for Clinics Around the World
Amazon Factor - Brenda Sawicki 9/08
Bonnie Johnson's story of Integrative Therapies
Linda Ludwig uses Macrobiotic, then Vegetarian diet

Information and links -from the Society of Homeopaths and others

Differences From Conventional Medicine
Homeopathic Med for Stomatitis
Homeopathy and Cancer
Chemical Discovery Demonstrates Homeopathy Relevance
Critical Overview of Homeopathy:Annals of Internal Medicine
"Miraculous Self Healing"
Homotoxicology: Diagn & Trtmnt Prncpls
Carcin PLUS - A Homepathic Remedy
Effectiveness of homeopathy
In vitro evidence: Effect High Homeopathic Potencies
Patient-reported outcomes: NHS homeopathic hospitals.
Hoxsey Method

Some Information and a link to much more. (First of their links does not work)

When Healing Becomes A Crime: Hoxsey Story
Hoxsey Story from Peter Chowka
Whey Protein

Sorry-cannot recall where this article came from

One Source of Whey
Whey Protein Conc & Glutathione Modulation
Dietary intake/Resting Energy Expenditure:Weight Loss/Survival
Whey Protein & Prostate Ca: Protection
Whey Proteins Make DNA Repair Easier (Rats)
Whey, Glutamine & Transforming Growth Factor-β w/Mucositis
Laetrile/Vitamin B17/Cyanide

Take a look at some controversy, and a site link

Foods That Contain Amygdalin
More Information on Laetrile
Ralph Moss, PhD on Laetrile (radio interview)
Hypoxis Rooperi (African Potato)
Arsenic Trioxide Induces Autophagic Cell Death
Oxygen Therapies

Includes ozone,hyberbaric chamber and more

An Email from Applied Ozone Systems
Enzymatic Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide
Topical Oxygen Helps Wounds Heal
"Flood Your Body with Oxygen"
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Light Adds Oxygen to Blood:UV
Hyperbaric Oxygen ALONE/ w/5-FU Stops Tumor Growth
Literature Review: Ozone Therapy
Orthomolecular Med

Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD


Various articles and LINKS

GONZALEZ: Meeting Report by Marilyn Holasek Lloyd
Information on Dr. William D. Kelley
Dr. Jack Taylor Uses Metabolic Program
Discussion of Trial and Barriers to Recruitment
Pancreatic Enzyme Extract Improves Survival: Pancreatic
Dr.Gonzalez at 2008 BoulderFest
Shark/Bov Cartilage/Squalamine

Articles/Links on Shark and Bovine cartilage, shark liver and analogue versions (pharmaceuticals).

Squalamine-Press Release, Magainin Pharmaceuticals
AE-941 Neovastat Study Revisited by NCI
Metastatin - from Cartilage Inhibits Tumor Growth
Looking at Services from Alt Med Advisors

various advisors

Bill Henderson's perspective
Hands-on Healing, many types

Articles and links

Jin Shin Jyutsu-self help
Energy and Touch Healing
Applied Kinesiology/Chiropractic
Massage Therapy
Body Talk
Ki-Touch Therapy: Practitioners' Perspective
Foot Reflexology & Pain:Metastatic Cancer
Healing by Gentle Touch/Cancer

Blood test for cancer

Updated Publications List
Here is what a cancer patient had to say about AMAS
Another Patient Speaks
MR's comment on AMAS
Dr. Douglas Brodie's Perspective
Conversations w/Dr. Sam Bogosh (AMAS)
MB Speaks about Her Experiences
AMAS as a Cancer Test - Studies

July 2000 article on use of anti-bacterial soaps

Antiseptic Skin Cleansers May Prevent Rhinovirus
Regular Soap is as Good as Anti-Bacterial
Macrobiotic Diet

Variety of information

Macrobiotic Diet in Cancer
Books on Macrobiotic Diets
Who is Dr. Ralph Moss? June, 2002

Cancer Victors Organization


Spiritual Surgery Research Project

Message/request from Lauren Delsak


Articles and links

Aromatherapy Skills Taught at MD Anderson Cancer Ctr
Lavender & Rosemary Enhance FRSA & Decrease Cortisol
Effectiveness of Aromatherapy Massage
Biological effects of essential oils – A review
Deadly Medical Mistakes Report

Gary Null 10/03

Native American Medicine

Articles, information, links

Florence Jones, 95, a Healer and Indian Spiritual Leader
Balance/Harmony/Connectedness:Native Am Nurses
Native Am Healing interpreted by Am Cancer Soc
Native Am Med, Cancer & Spirituality
Lower Survival Among Native Am Study Population
NCI Focuses on Native Americans - 11/05
CAM ED Res Network

LINK to Canadian group

Retreats/Spas/Healing Places

Links and information

WHYME House Foundation, Inc
Vitalizing effects of being outdoors and in nature
Mongolian Traditional Medicine

one of the oldest Asian complementary medical system posted 5/08


Services for people with cancer Obit/recognition of Patrick McCrady, Founder

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