After receiving an MRI in May, 1999 with the information that I had 3 centimeters of cancer in the left chest wall, I decided to use Chinese herbs.

You can read all about this protocol in the other sections.

BUT in the midst of one of the worst tragedies our nation has ever had, I kept an appointment with my breast surgeon. She gave me the results (9/12/01) of my September 4, 2001 MRI.

No discernable cancer. Cancer free for the first time since 1995. This disease never spread beyond the local recurrences to the chest wall. All in the skin (breast tissue), but still I was given a diagnosis of Stage IV.

Several doctors with whom I had casual conversations at various conferences, confirmed that skin recurrences after mastectomy were considered Stage IV.

Well HERE I AM. Cancer free!

I congratulate George Wong, Ph.D., a Harvard-trained statistician who is also a 4th generation Chinese herbalist.

3/2/02 I continue to be well. I am still taking the herbs, may continue for a long time (probably partially paranoia and partially as long as I can afford it, why not?)

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