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Controlled Amino Acid Therapy, (CAAT), was developed by Angelo P. John, Sr., a cancer scientist and founder of the A.P. John Institute for Cancer Research. Mr. John specializes in molecular biology and has spent more than 45 years researching and pioneering integrative dietary and bio-nutritional protocols.

For over two decades, the A.P. John Institute for Cancer Research has focused its investigative efforts on the role of amino acids in the cancer cell, and how they differ from that of normal cells. After identifying the differences, it was left to determine how amino acids in cancer cells could be altered or eliminated causing their death.

Thus, the objective of the CAAT protocol is to strategically and scientifically use the chemical reactions and interactions of amino acids, foods and nutritional supplements to alter or impair the development of cancer cells by interfering with the five basic requirements of cell formation. Structure, energy, blood vessels, growth hormones and functions.

CAAT works synergistically with and enhances chemotherapy or radiotherapy to arrest the growth of tumors and cause them to regress. Moreover, it has also been proven effective alone. CAAT is a six to eight month course of therapy administered while under the care of your doctor and in the comfort of your home.

Research by Dr. Marco Rabinovitz of the National Cancer Institute indicates amino acid deprivation is beneficial in treating cancer. CAAT is an amino acid deprivation protocol consisting of scientifically formulated amino acids.

Dr. Chi Van Dang, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, reported that cancer cells are such sugar junkies that if deprived of glucose, they will eventually die. CAAT also includes a low carbohydrate-ketogenic, and low phosphorus regimen that is personalized for each patient.

Dr. Pascal J. Goldschmidt Clermont, from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine reports certain nutritional supplements may be helpful in treating cancer. CAAT includes this and other scientifically supported supplements depending on the type of cancer.

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