Compression Vests

9/05 Ann's NOTE: I have had lymphedema (LE) in my left arm and chest wall (particularly under the left arm and especially after I fly) for more than twelve (12) years.

About 5 weeks ago I was with the woman who has measured me for new sleeves basically for the last ten years, and mentioned that my chest area LE was worse lately.

She suggested I get a compression vest. I had NEVER even heard of such a garment. She measured my chest, my waist and my hips, then told me no vests made for women would fit (I have bilateral mastectomies at this point). So I accepted a man's vest, size small.

I was amazed - it was obvious that such a garment needed to exist - and now it did. Then in discussion with a woman friend, she showed me her compression bra. So much I didn't know.

I wrote to my friend Bob Weiss asking if he knew about the vest. Here is his response:

"Dear Ann,

Yes, it's been out a few years. Unfortunately many therapists do not keep up with what's available out there to treat lymphedema, partly because not all providers or insurers cover these products.

My wife and I have a "travelling road show", a valise filled with different manufacturers' products, which we demonstrate to therapists who are interested.

I am assuming that you are getting the Bellisse vest. It seems to be the most versitile and customizable. There are other products such as the JoviPak post-mastectomy vest and the Solaris Tribute trunk and torso garments. There might be other custom garments out there that I am not aware of.

If you add information to your website I suggest contacting all of these companies for descriptions of all the products, since they vary in form, effectiveness and cost, and patients should be well informed.

Keep up your good work.

Bob Weiss MS Lymphedema Treatment Advocate

Anthony Products Inc.

LINK to source for male compression vest


LINK to Men & Women's garments including bras, lower body, and vests


LINK to makers of " compressure" bra


LINK to supplier of unusual pressure garments of all kinds

Solaris Inc.

LINK to 'Tribute' therapeutic garments

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