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The human immune system is comprised of more than 130 subsets of white blood cells. About 15% of them are called Natural Killer (NK) cells. These provide the first line of defense for any form of invasion to the body. As long as the NK cells remain active the body is able to keep disease under control.

MGN-3 increases the efficacy of the NK cells. Additionally, it has other immune boosting effects, as well it increases levels of interferon, a compound produced by the body that inhibits the replication of viruses. it increases the formation of Tumor Necrosis Factors. a group of proteins that help to increases the activity of T-cells and B-Cells.

MGN-3 Scientific Study In a study conducted on 27 patients taking MGN-3 were tested for NK cell activity by 51 Chromium release assay before and after two week treatment with MGN-3. NK cell activity increased 154% - 332%.

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