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"It is said that everything that goes around comes around, or there is nothing new under the sun; this is certainly true of color therapy. While details may not exist, gem therapy - a form of color therapy which is still practiced - dates into antiquity. Using a particular colored gem would give an effect similar to using an inexpensive comparably-colored currently available filter.

Color therapy came into a more modern form in the mid-1800s through the efforts of several researchers."

A book:

Let There Be Light, Darius Dinshah. $12.00 (from this organization)

15 concise chapters cover most theoretical and practical aspects of Spectro-Chrome therapy.

Includes: Color production, Light sources, filter supplier, 78 Color attributes, 331 Color schedules for 400 diagnosed and obvious health conditions, 600 indexed medical and common names, S-C definitions, Color/element/sound equivalents, use on animals, three years' hospital use documentation, etc.

Written in easy-to-understand language and terms for layperson or practitioner. Items B/C/D/H/T listed below are included in the text, and many important details from item J. 6th edition (2001), hardbound, 144 pages.

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