Colorectal Cancer Groups

Colon Cancer Alliance

Support, education advocacy

United Ostomy Association

LINK to group dedicated to reducing colostomy surgeries PREVENTION oriented

Colorectal Cancer Coalition

LINK to c-three,info education, resources

Colorectal Ca Coalition: Reflections on the Future

LINK to article in The Oncologist October 2006

Colon Cancer Solutions

LINK to South Carolina-based advocacy

"Our goal is to inform the public of the effects of having colon cancer as well as to raise awareness of the many accessible methods of prevention".

They state they will help everyone.

Lynch Syndrome

LINK: "an hereditary disorder caused by a mutation in a mismatch repair gene in which affected individuals have a higher than normal chance of developing colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, & various other types of aggressive cancers, often at a young age also called hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer. (HNPCC)

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