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9/2010 Ann heard Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (New York City), MD on a webinar. Dr. Gonzalez uses a modified Kelly protocol to treat people with cancer, especially pancreatic cancer. He stated that he did a coffee enema every day. So Ann is back to doing it once a day (early AM) herself.

1/08 Ann has cut back to once every other day - she has been free of obvious cancer since September 2001 (or a bit earlier but confirmed then).

We received this email, January 2008, from B.S., husband of a woman doing coffee enemas:

"I recently came across your site while trying to find information on coffee enemas. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 9 years ago and chose to become a patient of Dr Nicholas Gonzalez. She started doing coffee enemas as a way to release toxins built up in the body from the supplements he prescribed for her. She discontinued the Gonzalez therapy after about 2 years because she developed an intolerance to some of the supplements and moved to a local naturopath but she contunued doing the enemas.

Recently I questioned the need for the enemas. It has had an impact on our family. It makes it difficult to travel or visit family. Going anywhere overnight requres that we bring a supply of reverse osmosis fintered water and her enema equipment and, of course, a private bathroom and 2 hours of her time. Having guests can be a little difficult as well.

She no longer is taking the massive doses of supplements and there is no sign of cancer so the enamas are no longer required for that.and I don't think anyone claims that the enemas prevent cancer.

One of the naturopaths she sees suggested that it would be good to stop because she may lose her natural bowell function and he was concerned that they may be dehydrating her. He also felt that it's not good to continue the same therapy for years and years with no need.

Aside from the inconvenience, I also worry that, if she, for instance, has to have a stay in a hospital for anything at all, they will not administer the enemas for her.

She has made an attempt to cut back and is suffering greatly for it with headaches and tiredness. She is clearly addicted both physically and psychologically. She exhibits classic addict behavior at the thought of losing access to enemas. The enema is the main focus of her day and everything has to fit around it.

A second naturopath has now told her that she cannot stop. Her body now requires the coffee. He's also suggesting that, in the event of a re-occurence of cancer, this will no longer help her and recommends that she have radiation therapy, which is, ironically, what she started the alternative therapy to avoid.

The other side of this, of course, is that she is alive and that's not lost on me.

I just thought it would be good to let you know that there are other things to consider when making a decision to start coffee enemas, espcially if you're considering them over a long term.

I'd also be interested in hearing other opinions on whether or not it's possible to stop after a long period of doing enemas".

Ann has been doing coffee enemas since January 1995, immediately after her first recurrence of breast cancer. She always had digestive problems, so deciding to start this process was relatively easy.

However the coffee enema is specifically for detoxification. It is said to open the bile duct of the liver so that it quickly sends material into the colon for elimination. It is a retention enema.

"Administering a coffee enema rectally promotes liver detoxification by stimulating phase II conjugation, the process by which fat-soluble toxins in the liver are converted into water-soluble toxins for easier removal from the body". From www.garynull.com

(Ann's NOTE: recently I heard a woman who works at the San Antonio Cancer Institute say that her mother was told by a doctor that when the bile duct is closed it may indicate serious problems). We will follow up. 1/06

We STRONGLY recommend an enema bucket rather than the conventional (over the counter) enema bag. The bucket has a long plastic tube and ends with a long red rubber catheter so a very soft tip enters your anus. See the article on people with enema-perforated colons (that hard plastic tip cannot be good for you).

Mitch sent this 2/06, (his source Susan Silberman, founder Center for Advancement in Cancer Education www.cace.org)

"I hope everyone knows the importance of a cleansing plain warm water enema PRIOR to coffee retention. The colon should be relatively clean before retention. And the coffee used should be regular organic not de-caf".

CeeCee's point of view 8/99:

In answer to your query in regards to how often do I do enemas, I must say I do one daily even though I am having normal bowel movements. The reason I continue to do so is because of the amount of supplements, drinks, teas, etc. that I am using to fight cancer and build up my body create a tremendous stirring up of toxins that I believe need to be removed from my body. Gerson, Kelly, and other alternative cancer healers all advocated coffee enemas. I use the time to listen to tapes, read inspiring books and articles, or just spend quiet time with myself. I always feel better afterwards so I know I benefit from them. I also implant shark cartilege powder as part of this process. When I was at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, the recommendation was to do wheat grass implants which I also found helpful. I do believe it is what a person either muscle tests positively or intuitively knows makes enemas right for them. If someone sees no need or doesn't feel right about the concept of enemas, then I believe enemas would not be helpful. Again, I strongly believe we must find our own path. There is no one right way or process or answer.

Rae's perspective:I also do the coffee enemas - usually once a week. I have done many things in the past three years to detoxify. I find the coffee enemas much easier than colonics which I did the first summer. They were really a chore even though I had a colonic board at home. I find it a quiet, restful time and thinking of the good effects on the liver makes it a nurturing time

Sharon's take on them: I do them too, but it took me a few months initially to get up the courage. I only do it about 4 times/week. I found it weird when first hearing them discussed, that someone said they actually liked doing them, but now I find that it is 'my time'. The time when I force myself to stop doing and just relax and read. I like doing them mostly.

Here is what Diana said: I also do the coffee enemas once a week. I also find it a relaxing time to read or watch television. My biggest concern is that the bathroom is not being used by someone in my family when my time comes to use it. My son likes to take hour baths.

Aliss T. 7/01 Hi all. I have joined the ranks of those of you doing daily coffee enemas. I was worried that I might break down and start brewing a cup to drink, and get re-addicted, but this Therapy Blend stuff from Blackstock is unlike any coffee I've ever seen.

It's greenish brown and smells like roasted peanuts. Boiled up as per the instructions, it is light brown and oily smooth. A LOT of oils in those beans! I have been feeling FANTASTIC since starting and haven't missed a day. Had a bit of the jitters the first few days, but not any more. I can't believe I put off doing this all these months because I dreaded how I imagined it would make me feel. But weekly colonics at $50 a pop were really draining the grocery budget.

I do have a question though. Is it better to do it before or after breakfast?

ANSWER: At the Gerson clinic, the suggested timing was 6:00 AM (before breakfast), 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM (after lunch), 6:00 PM (before dinner) (and 10:00 PM if needed). Everything depends on how YOU feel.

12/01 M:

For me, I found going to a professional colon hydrotherapist years ago to be an (emotionally, not physically) uncomfortable experience. The therapist encouraged me to supplement the colonics with home enemas and fasting by following the advice given in Dr. Bernard Jensen's book, title escapes me at the moment.

I found taking charge of the whole affair in my own home to be far more empowering, not to mention dirt cheap.

When I discovered my breast lump 3 years ago, I'd had about 15 years of experience with plain water enemas under my belt.

At this time a friend who was healthy was attempting to optimize her health. She hired the best personal trainer in town who recommended that she do coffee enemas for her health, among other things.

She did them and raved about them. Because of her, I was not as reluctant as I might have otherwise been, to try them for cancer.

When I did start doing the coffee enemas I consistently heard from people..."wow, you sure don't look like you have cancer". And it substantially helped my energy levels, though I had no coffee buzz. I have never been a coffee drinker.

But as with someone else that posted here, they no longer seem to benefit me the way that they once did. So I don't use them as much as I once did.

I have never experienced one harmful or unpleasant effect from the coffee enemas...and I don't know of anyone else that has, either, from discussions on other cancer lists.

Dr. Hulda Clark is among those that recommend coffee enemas (in her "The Cure For All Advanced Cancer Books").

Ann's NOTE: It is important to understand that coffee enemas are done as part of a total protocol. A recent discussion pointed out that people can be harmed if they are not careful. There is a need to support the body and the immune system. Gerson therapy is such a total program as is Kelley, Gonzalez, Taylor, etc.

Pick and choose aspects but make sure you end up with appropriate nutrients from whole foods, supplements, detoxification, physical exercise and mind/body support.

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