Coffee No Cause of Breast Cancer

Coffee Does Not Cause Breast Cancer, Scientist Says

[12/21/2001; Reuters News Service]


Drinking coffee does not increase the risk of incurring breast cancer, Swedish physicians said on Friday.

Some scientists have suspected that high coffee consumption increases the risk of contracting breast cancer after research 20 years ago indicated that women with breast cancer experienced a regression of the disease if they stopped drinking coffee.

But a 13-year-long study of 60,000 Swedish women found no link suggesting coffee would be a culprit. ``We found no association between self-reported coffee, black tea, and caffeine consumption and subsequent breast cancer incidence,'' said the research report made at the Karolinska Institute medical university, most famous for choosing the annual winner of the Nobel prize for medicine.

Swedes are the world's second biggest coffee consumers per capita, drinking three cups or more per day, a tradition dating to the 17th century.

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