Clinical Trial: Ovarian Ca  Monoclonal Antibody

From website:"OvaRex® MAb is a murine monoclonal antibody developed by ViRexx that has a high degree of specificity to a tumor associated antigen (CA125) that is over-expressed by the majority of late stage ovarian cancer patients.

The Company believes that the product acts as an immunotherapeutic agent by inducing and/or amplifying the human body's immune response against ovarian cancer."

AltaRex licensed OvaRex and their other antibodies to Unither Pharmaceuticals (part of United Therapeutics) several years ago.

Unither is responsible for getting this immunotherapy through clinical trials, manufacturing, regulatory filing, and to market and we are working like crazy to do exactly that.

ViRexx isn't playing an active role in OvaRex development at this time but remains involved as a business partner. Check if you're interested in following progress with OvaRex.

Our corporate website is a little tough to navigate right now, but our clinical team is working to improve the section about OvaRex.

There is an IRB-approved site for patients to learn more about the phase III study and pre-screen to see if they may be eligible. You can find that at To date we have enrolled more than 200 patients of the 354 needed.

Please spread the word!

Accelerating enrollment in this study is the most significant way we can get this treatment (and all new treatments) to market sooner. So far so good, but they can always do better.

Posted at the request of the Director of Clinical Operations of Altarex. 4/27/05

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