Clinical Trials: Are they a Good Buy?

ABSTRACT: Clinical Trials: Are They a Good Buy?

PURPOSE: Concern that clinical trials may be too costly has been used to justify traditionally restrictive insurer policies regarding clinical trials. Additionally, fear of insurer reimbursement denial can be a significant barrier to clinical trial participation.

In this study, we reviewed the empirical data on costs of clinical trials versus standard care and summarized the current status of policy initiatives related to clinical trial insurance reimbursement.

CONCLUSION: Findings from small pilot studies suggest that phase II and III clinical trials result in at most modest increases in cost over standard treatment costs.

Also, an increasing number of policy makers have decided to support clinical trial reimbursement initiatives. It is hoped that economic data from large observational studies will facilitate widespread and permanent decisions that support reimbursement for phase I, II, and III clinical trial participation.

12/03/2001; Journal of Clinical Oncology

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