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3/19/07 Here is a link to some informational videos about clinical trials. These videos are intended to help patients and caregivers learn about trials that are available and where they can be accessed. They are produced by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group,one of the first cooperative groups launched to perform multi-center cancer clinical trials.

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We also have a link to CenterWatch, as well as the main government cancer trial website, both of which offer information on clinical trials. Also, please check out the specific health and natural product studies we show below.

The Annie Appleseed Project has asked that trials of natural substances be placed on any link we connect to, as well as the many conventional trials of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. (Currently 8/01, studies listed are all NCI approved). That is why specific other trials are shown below.

As of this writing in December 2000, FDA, the Food and Drug Administration requires all trials to be listed by the goverment. Some pharmaceutical companies have resisted doing this. But participation is growing. At some point in the near future, ALL trials will be listed.

Phase I trials are conducted to test safety levels. People who participate (all trial participation is voluntary)are given various doses of the drug being tested. (Small numbers of people involved)

Phase II trials test efficacy to see if the drug is effective against whatever cancer it is being used for. (Relatively small number of people involved).

Phase III trials are usually larger scale with many people trying the drug under question, sometimes at two different strengths, against another already accepted therapy, or in some cases, placebo. These separate treatment sections are called arms.

There have been trials of vitamins or "analogues" (synthetic forms)using human subjects. Most of the studies in the Relevant Studies section of this website, were done in animals or cell culture.

BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO PUSH FOR HUMAN TRIALS. We need to know how to use natural, nontoxic substances for people with cancer. You can help by contacting FDA or NCI (National Cancer Institute) and telling them.

The Center for Complementary/Alternative Medicine is now part of the National Institutes of Health. It conducts studies of natural substances, but its mandate is all diseases. Not enough funding has been done for cancer studies.

Contact them and ask for more studies. In their first year of operation, the VAST majority of callers wanted information on cancer therapies. And we have been told that the trend continues.

National Center for Complementary/Alt Med

LINK, CAM trials can be found by type of cancer or all cancer as on this page

Cancer Clinical Trials - Government site

LINK to Natl Inst of Health/Natl Library of Med site

Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups

LINK: "The Clinical Trial Product was the winner of the 2008 Consumer Health World Award".

Study of Vaporized Marijuana UCSF  11/22/06

UCSF study, 11/06

Clinical trial: vit C against non-Hodgkin lymphoma January 2008

Removing Copper from Breast Cancer Patients

Posted October 2008

UCSD Study on Fatigue AFTER Breast Ca Treatment

Posted 1/06

Carnitine Supplementation for Cancer-Related Fatigue

LINK to informational video from patient organization site 1/06

Integrative Medicine Consult Service at  NIH Clinical Ctr

Press Release, May 14, 2007

Pomegranate Juice  Pts w Rising PSA After Treatments

NCI Cancer Bulletin, September 2007

Request for Participation 6/03

From the National Cancer Institute

Smoking Cessation:Cancer Survivors
Chemoprevention Selenium for Non-Small Cell Lung Ca 8/05
Purdue University SURVEY for breast cancer info

LINK 12/05 "The purpose of study is to learn more about how you use the Internet for activities related to breast cancer & to find out your views about online breast cancer info".

Yoga for Fatigue

UCLA Study, 5/04 Ages 45-65 West Los Angeles, CA


LINK to site to find trials of conventional therapies

Single Dose Rads :TIME of Surgery

Call Janelle Maxwell (650)498-7740, California

Psilocybin for Anxiety: Stage IV Breast C

UCLA-based study, 2/04

Study:Cancer Patients Unaware of Trials

January 2001, Harris Interactive Poll

Risks & Benefits of Clinical Trials Often Misunderstood
Clinical Trials: Are they a Good Buy?
Study Risks Not Disclosed on Web Sites
Cancer Patients' Needs/Concerns, Key to Improved Commun
Most Don't Ask Key Questions Before Enrolling
The KALM Study

Link to clinical trial over the Internet for Kava & Valerian

Cancer Clinical Trials

LINK Info on centers and universities, cooperative groups

Cancer Liaison Program

Patient support-drugs and clinical trials, FDA

Multiple Myeloma & WOBE-MUGOS E

Adjuvant Therapy for Stage II or III Phase III Trial Protocol No. MU-699-501

Article on Drug that acts on Enzymes
Revival Soy Product Studies

Various studies, 3/01

Revival Soy-Breast Cancer Tissue Proliferation in Vivo
Urinary Isoflavone Profile Excretion
Ellagic Acid & Cervical Cancer

at Hollings Cancer Institute Univ of SC

Maitake Mushroom: Breast Cancer

You have to contact the Maitake Co. for the information (LINK)

Macrobiotic Diet, Flax Seed Study

Sponsored by Nat'l Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NIH)

STUDY: Pain reduction For Bone Mets

ACRIN study, 1/04

Large Scale Trial of DNA Shed by Tumors


Women's Health Registry

Univ of Michigan LINK for Studies on Women's Health

Chinese Herbs Studied At UCSF

Information, contacts and a link

Chinese Herbal Medicine After Bca: Hot Flashes
Randomized Study of Tai Chi Adult Ca Survivors
Benefin Shark Cartilage Trial

Clinical Cancer Letter, 10/01-contact information

Herbal Mix: Non-Resectable Hepato Ca

Phase II Trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Expanded Access to Trials, 5/02

Ask your physician to check out

Perillyl Alcohol (Lavender) for BCaPrevention

Cleveland Clinic Study needs volunteers, 2003

Phase I Surrogate Biomarker Trial: Perillyl Alcohol/Breast
Electroacupuncture/Delayed Nausea

NIH announcement

Bladder Cancer-Antioxidant Therapy Trial

From Diana Dyer, author, cancer dietician, advocate

Phenoxodiol Trial

Synthetic version of natural therapy

Calcitrol (Vit D) & Taxotere (Chemo)

Oregon Health & Science University and other centers

Some Recently Opened Trials

Some possible trials of natural therapies or close to it.

Acupuncture for Menopausal Symptoms (Breast Ca)
Yondelis (ET-743, Naturally-occurring Marine Organism
Massage Therapy/Fatigue During Chemotherapy
Calcium/Vit D for Colon Cancer Prevention
Study CAM as Lifestyle Effect: on BCa and Surviving
Hypnosis for Hot Flashes in BCa Survivors
Diet & Exercise Research Study
Milk Thistle Extract for Chemotherapy-Induced Liver Toxicity
Clinical Trials/Studies

Explanations/discussions/strategies Read an advocate's perspective on studies and testing

An Advocate's Perspective
Managing Conflicts of Interest in Conduct of Clinical Trials
WHO Experts New Rules/Clinical Res
Nontoxicity Endpoints Phase I: Targeted Non-cytotoxic Agents
Supporting 'Double-Blind Clinical Trials
Selective Reporting Biases: Cancer Prognostic Factor Studies
Very Critical of Clinical Trials-Part I
Patient-Centered Approach: Participatory Action Res Clin Trials
The Trust Factor: Editorial
Int'l Network & Developing Nations
Unethical:Underpowered Trials
Premature Termination/Clinical Trials (excerpts)
Media's & Human Subject Participation
Patient Selection:Applicability of Results
Instl Review Bds:Advocate Perspective
Clinical res/Exp treat 11/3/97
Pharmas Dictate What/How Research Published
Public Attitudes on Participation
Are Large Clinical Trials Ethical
Coalitn of Natl Cancer Coop Groups
Improved Design for Clinical Trials & Multiple Agents
Evaluation of Randomised Controlled Trials
Placebo Research
"Why Most Published Research Findings are False" Part I
Evidence-based Movement Exclusionary - Paper states
Fenretinide (vitamin A) &Ovarian Ca

Chemopreventive Agent for High Risk Women

Clinical Trial: Ovarian Ca Monoclonal Antibody
Blood Ca &Complementary Therapies

Plymouth Michigan area 3/03

Cancer Portfolio

LINK to research in US/UK & private groups

International Cancer Research Portfolio

LINK to joint initiative of US/UK Cancer Research Funding Organizations

NCI :Ashkenazi Jews/ Family w/Kidney Ca

2/04 National Cancer Institute Study

Breast Imaging Study for Those w/Genetic Risk

Washington, DC, VA, MD areas posted 2/29/04

Siblings Needed For Colon Cancer Study

Many cancer centers around the country

Acupuncture for Post-Thoracotomy PAIN

LINK to Trial Memorial Sloan Kettering, NYC 8/04

Clinical Trial of Acupuncture for Post-chemo Fatigue:NYC

Posted 11/09/04

Canavaxin (TM) for Stage IV Melanoma CANCELLED

Trial stopped 4/06/05

Cancer and Nutrition trials

LINK to site with information on trials

Int'l Fed of Pharma Mfgrs & Assoc

LINK to "a single entry allowing you to search for comprehensive information on on-going clinical trials (registry) or results of completed trials (database) conducted by the innovative pharmaceutical industry".

American Ginseng for Fatigue - NCI Trial

Posted 2/06


Posted June 2006, Open Study

Ann Fonfa's Correspondence with Dr. Lund
Breast Cancer Trials

LINK to a free, nonprofit clinical trial matching service focused exclusively on breast cancer.

Vaccine for DCIS and HER2neu positive Breast Cancer

University of Pennsylvania, Posted May 2010

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