Clinics in Germany

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In April 2008 Ann traveled to a meeting on Integrative Medicine held in Munich, Germany. Her report is posted in our section on Meeting Summaries.

She met several doctors who run cancer clinics and they are shown as links below.

Klinik St. Georg  (Patient Perspectives)

Patient experiences/perspectives and a link

A little more from Liz Meyer
Liz Meyer 7/01 UPDATE
Liz Meyer 8/2/01
Liz Meyer Responds to Some Questions
Klinik St. Georg Has English Speakers
Family's story on LACK of attention at Klinik St. Georg
Susan Zimmerman on the Klinik
Comments from Patient Phil Ulan
Wayne Otto's Story, told by JoAnn Otto (wife)
Sunita's story about Mom's Treatment for Ovarian Cancer
Klinik Silima (formerly Park Klinik Julius Hackethal )

LINK in German: Bavarian Alps area-alternative-orientated cancer-clinic with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), herbal treatment, different non-chemical treatment methods like Asian physiotherapy, dietetic, etc. Tel. +49-08036-309-154

Leonardis Clinic

German Clinic personal report from Ed Van Overloop

Part II Leonardis Clinic
Part III Leonardis Clinic
Testing Lab for Leonardis Clinic
Article on Ed Van Overloop's Spring 2005 Visit :Leonardis
Leonardis Klinik Summary 11/05 CARE meeting, NJ
Jeannine Watson at the Medical Ctr in Cologne, Germany

LINK to her blog/reports on immunotherapy for brain tumor

Hufeland Klinik

LINK to clinic in Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Wolfgang Woeppel, MD, founding director of the Hufeland hospital in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, passed away on July 10, 2006.

Klinik Marinus am Stein

LINK: Now ENGLISH website Telephone 011 49 8034 - 90 80

Services include: mistletoe, other immuno-stimulants, hyperthermia, etc.

German Holistic Cancer Consulting  & Info Ctr

LINK to clinic with strong alternative approaches run by Lothar Hirneise Telephon 011 49 7151-9813

Also see It's in English.


LINK to clinic in Bonn, Germany - website in English

Telephone 011 22 896 9573

German Cancer Clinics

LINK: "The purpose of this website is to inform & educate those interested in obtaining more information about breakthrough cancer therapies in Germany.

Stem Cells for cancer  - in use in Germany

Dr. Ursula Jacob -  summary of talk

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