Chapparal Looked at AGAIN - Tumors Shrink

Desert Shrub May Help Some Cancer Patients-Study

Chaparral, an evergreen desert shrub widely discredited as a purported cancer cure, may shrink some tumors when processed and used properly, U.S. researchers reported on Tuesday.

Initial tests on patients show that, when injected, it does not cause some of the serious liver damage associated with the plant, the researchers told a conference. And tests in patients with head and neck cancer show it may shrink tumors.

Chaparral, also known as creosote bush, has given its name to areas of the Southwest where it dominates the landscape.

Dr. Terry Day of the Medical University of South Carolina and colleagues tested an extract taken from chaparral called nordihydroguaiaretic acid, specifically a derivative of this compound called M4N.

They injected it into the tumors of eight patients with advanced head and neck cancer in a Phase I safety study.

They saw some evidence it killed the tumors in these patients, who had advanced, otherwise untreatable forms of head and neck cancer.

Phase II studies are planned.

Thanks to Reuters Health on, 8/04

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