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Cell Phone Health Risk Cannot Be Dismissed, WHO Says

HELSINKI (Reuters Health) Sept 07 - A link between mobile phone usage and cancer should not be summarily dismissed, an official at a World Health Organization agency said on Friday.

"More research is needed," Elisabeth Cardis, Chief of Radiation and Cancer at the WHO's International Agency for Research in Cancer, told a conference in Helsinki.

The explosive growth in mobile phone use, particularly in Europe and the United States, has increased the public debate over possible health risks linked to mobile phones. While a few studies claim there is a connection, most authoritative studies have not been able to conclude that regular mobile phone usage could damage a person's brain.

"Based on current epidemiological evidence, there is no evidence of a strong association between RF [radio frequency] exposure and cancer," Cardis said. "One can't rule out that there is a risk, but if there is a risk to mobile phone users it would be very small."

Cardis said research by the INTERPHONE study group would focus on a link between cancer and cellular telephones. She said this would be more thorough than previous studies because it would span a period of 3 years and would go into more detail, such as research into lower-frequency electromagnetic fields to and from phones.

The INTERPHONE study results should be ready in 2004.

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