Cavit-sonar imaging system - interior of bones

Subject: Tape 372 - The Cavitat (computer-based sonar imaging system)

The Cavitat (U.S. Patent No. 6030221) is a computer-based sonar imaging system designed to aid the medical community with a detailed profile of the interior of bones. Presently the focus of application is upon detection of jawbone pathology; however, the technology has wide application for other bones in the body, especially the long bones, hip and spine. Also, it is believed there is a strong correlation between Breast Cancer and Jawbone pathology. This technology provides application for the detection of soft tissue cancer tumors related to Breast Cancer, while at the same time documenting the possible interference of Cavitations and Dental Root Canals with the breast cancer recovery process . Mr. Jones has received a grant from the National Institute of Health for $3,500,000. (07-04-02)

Periodontal Disease Associated With Increased Cancer Risk

Lancet Oncol, May 2008

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