Cancer Recovery Guide & The Complete Recovery Guide

Cancer Recovery Guide - 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health

By Jonathan Chamberlain

"In Europe and the USA we have a 40-50% chance of getting cancer at some time in our lives. So what do you do if you are diagnosed with the disease?

The harshness of orthodox treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) are well-knwon. Their use is widespread, but their results are not impressive. Faced with these options, informed patients are increasingly seeking out alternative or complementary strategies to take control of their own healing. This book provides an overview of them".

Cancer The Complete Recovery Guide

By Jonathan Chamberlain

"This book gives you the whole picture. What is cancer? What are the problems with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery? What other treatments are there? Why is cancer research not coming up with the answers?

What are the politics of cancer? What are all the alternative options that people have come up with? What are their rationales?

These are the questions I answer. This book is readable and clear".

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