Said to have been used by Ronald Reagan when he developed 

colon cancer

Carnivor comes in several forms,and is available in Germany. Ed, a prostate cancer patient went to the clinic run by Dr. Helmut Keller who is the creator of the use of the pressed juice of the Venus Fly Trap plant. Here is his website and what he has to say about this treatment.

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Mistletoe has been in use since 1921. It seems to enhance the immune system. I have been told it is best used early on in cancer therapy. Rita, woman who developed breast cancer more than 12 years ago while in her early forties, used this alone after mastectomy. She learned to self-inject it. Later she became interested in Chinese herbs.

Ann participated in a project at the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Alternative Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in which a world-wide literature search was done on breast cancer and alternatives. It was found that there were many studies on mistletoe, in particular the product Iscador. There were quite a few well done studies showing good results.

Ukrain was developed from the celandine plant (Cehildonium majius L). The toxicity present in the natural state was removed. It is used in Poland, and perhaps other Eastern European countries. It is said to cause the levels of circulating lymphocytes and macrophage to rise significantly. These are natural cells in the body that protect and destroy. It may interfere with the growth of cancer cells. It is used by the Atkins Center in New York City and probably other alternative centers.

From summary of 1st Intl Congress on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Spain, May 2005):

"Dr Jaroslaw W. Nowicky, Director of the Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute of Vienna (Austria), the congress organizers announced his nomination by colleagues for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

When it is injected intravenously in therapeutic doses, Ukrain destroys carcinogenic cells by stimulating their ‘suicide’ or apoptosis without affecting healthy cells. Ukrain has been the object of investigations and studies by 159 scientists from 56 universities in 26 different countries. Results have been presented in 220 international scientific congresses and symposia.

Details of the properties of Ukrain have been published in 192 scientific publications. Thus, an enthusiastic response ended Dr Nowicky's presentation".

According to my friend G in Germany, mistletoe is covered by the National Health Service but its use remains "controversial".

Lukas Clinic

A well-known Swiss clinic


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