Cancer Treatment Centers of America

From their website:

"Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers the most sophisticated forms of traditional medicine in combination with complementary therapies that include; nutrition, spiritual support, mind-body medicine, and naturopathic medicine."

And "Patient Empowerment Medicine is, however, the very core of our treatment philosophy at CTCA and we believe it is critical that you understand what drives us to seek nothing less than victory over cancer. We've chose a question and answer format to introduce you to Patient Empowerment Medicine because we understand the frustration of "information overload," especially at a time when you feel compelled to learn everything you can. As with all else we do, this overview was written to help you regain control of your life and your health."

Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Chris tells his sister about Cancer Treatment Ctrs of America

September, 2004

FDA Okays Cancer Trial with Vit C

Press Release, 1/07

Seattle CTCA Offers Foods to Fight/Prevent Cancer

Seattle Cancer Wellness, posted here 1/07

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