Canadian Store Praised

"Hi folks, Three years ago I participated in a full-length market research survey for an unnamed grocery chain. I added a three page letter of my own criticizing the survey for not asking the right questions and gave them a wish list for what I, as an informed consumer, would like to see in my supermarket. I included my name, address and phone number but never heard back. It was everything from GMO labelling to having organic produce, meats and dairy available and clearly labelled, from using earth friendly cleaning products in the stores to warning people when pesticides have been applied to the premises.

Nearly all my wishes have been fulfilled by the Loblaws chain. I can get organic produce and dairy, goat milk and flax oil, frozen organic vegetables, specialty non-wheat pastas, non chlorine bleached paper towels and toilet paper, bulk borax, baking soda and washing soda. I guess it pays to complain constructively, and be patient".

Aliss T.

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