Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person

May 19, 2006

Review from Ann Fonfa:

Today I received this book and took it along with me while we drove to a local store. I started reading it - it is done in comic strips so an easy read.

I laughed aloud so many times that my driver asked me what was funny.

I want to recommend this book for anyone who needs a laugh as they struggle to understand why that got cancer, what they may have to do about and still keep a sense of humor.

From the book (back) cover:

"Miriam Engelberg was forty-three when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like anyone faced with a life-altering personal trauma, she sought a coping mechanism. While fellow patients championed the benefits of support groups and hypnotherapy, Engelberg found her greatest comfort in drawing, her lifelong passion.

'Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person' puts Engelberg's life in focus in the best way she knows how - with cartoon... she takes a clear-eyed, deliciously sardonic look at caring friends, and relatives, doctors, treatments and support groups while never losing her guarded optimism, and most important, her sense of humor".

And Ann says: I had to laugh - the character is so opposite everything I struggle to tell people. I really enjoyed the lighter side of it all! $14.95

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