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In partnership with the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), CancerSourceKids now offers online books that will help your child understand cancer and its treatment.

“Stevie’s New Blood” is a story of a young child who needs a bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia. The story has two parts – one for parents and one for children.

“Once Upon a Hopeful Night” is a poem that children and parents can read together to discuss a loved one’s cancer diagnosis.

Both books are available for purchase from the Oncology Nursing Society.

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LINK to ONS for children's books

Ben's GAME

LINK to a game that would help other people fighting cancer. Ben, a young boy w/leukemia, used his Make-A-Wish Foundation wish to ask for this. It has the player fight cancer cells, and even fight side effect monsters like hair loss. It is free, never will it cost anything.

Family Reading list

Provided by Hurrican Voices

Pet Ownership in Immunocompromised Children - Review

Euro J Onc Nursing, 4/06

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