Cancer It's Not Just Diet

A free web link will allow you access to a book written recently by Susan Fletcher-Brockdorff R, Dip. NC and Dr. Aubrey Hill L.M.S.S.A. The book is titled Cancer It’s not just Diet. It points out that combining elements of health is what makes people healthier. The Annie Appleseed Project concurs.

From their website:

"History should have taught us this lesson. If we go back to the middle of the 19th century tuberculosis was the most greatly feared disease, killing thousands and most of those, young people. It was no respecter of class or wealth and was thought to be a miasm; something mysterious to which there was no cure.

Then in 1880 Robert Koch discovered the tubercle bacillus and the news that the cause of the disease was not some unknown and fearful mystery but a germ that could be seen under the microscope took some of the fear out of the situation.

Almost immediately the death toll dropped, (some reports putting the number as high as one third) and this was years before antibiotics were introduced which, with changes in public health finally brought the disease under control.

The fact that tuberculosis was an infectious disease stimulated the public health authorities to improve sanitation, housing and nourishment. These measures more than anything else brought the numbers of patients right down until the antibiotics ended the scourge and emptied the tuberculosis hospitals.

Dr. Aubrey Hill

Qualified in 1952 from St Bartholomew’s Hospital. In general practice with an interest in cancer care and co-founder of ‘New Approaches to Cancer’ which brought cancer care groups together across the country providing information and support. Introduced Complimentary Cancer Care in Norfolk in 1987.

Susan Fletcher

A practising nutrition consultant of twelve years, major interest in the treatment of cancer and lecturing widely on the subject in both the UK and abroad.


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