Canadian Naturopathic Doctors Conference 2009

June 5-7 2009 Canadian Naturopathic Doctors Conference – CAND, written by Ann Fonfa, president, The Annie Appleseed Project.

The meeting opened with an amusing, personal and historic view of naturopathy in Canada presented by Andre Saine, ND, DHANP, Dean of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy. Dr. Saine told the audience that his father had been a famous doctor who treated only the most desperate cases. He was well-known for his use of bee venom, electrotherapy and homeopathy. Neither Andre nor his siblings were vaccinated and mostly grew up on a farm with no pesticide use.

Andre lived on the land for three years as a young man, built a cabin and a sauna, often going from the heat to dive into the ice-cold river and back to the sauna. He grew his own food, hunted and fished and had no schedule to meet. He told the audience that he heard several stories about health and the power of the mind from people who lived in the small village nearby.

Dr. Saine decided to attend chiropractic college but along the way became interested in homeopathy and ended up working with Dr. Bastyr (founder of Bastyr College, well-respected naturopathic training institute). He defined homeopathy as systematically triggering the living organism as a whole to clear the body of its illness. He mentioned that the library of Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, houses 12,000 volumes on homeopathy.

Dr. Saine stated that the term ‘natural cure’ was mistakenly translated from German and should really be stated as something like ‘principles and practices of natural living and healing’ Naturheilkinde. He pointed out that not all of ancient medicine teachings were good but that they did offer many excellent qualities.

He also talked about hydrotherapy – the use of hot and cold to increase body functions and circulation. (This method was popular in the US in the 1890’s and was part of what Kellogg, later of cereal fame, was using). One belief in this system is that physiological healing is directly proportional to the flow of energy.

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